Lady Godiva of Coventry

Lady Godiva of Coventry

Fictionalized account of events leading up the famous nude ride (alas, her hair covers everything) of the militant Saxon lady.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Fictionalized account of events leading up the famous nude ride (alas, her hair covers everything) of the militant Saxon lady. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ola G (gb) wrote: As a young girl, Hera Karlsdottir (Dilj Valsdttir) watches her older brother Baldur sustain fatal injuries in a tractor accident on the family farm. In her teenage years, Hera (orbjrg Helga Dyrfjr) adopts the metal music and style that her brother adored in which she finds solace during her neverending grief. In her tight-knit community, Hera's music of choice and her behavior, going out late to ride a tractor in the remote Iceland countryside, stand out. Meanwhile, her parents Karl (Ingvar Eggert Sigursson) and Droplaug (Halldra Geirharsdttir) grieve and pursue community life by participating in the village church choir. Increasingly alienated and frustrated from her previous failures to break free from her family home, Hera sets fire to the community church and runs away not knowing which path to take to finally deal with her grief..Somehow this story about death, grief, identity, love, family matters and metal music fits perfectly on Iceland with its sparse and rugged harsh landscape. Its a melodramatic tale as the human psyche and nature is explored within a family that cant get over their loss of a son and brother as they simply cant touch or discuss the topic. The acting is quite good, the direction steady and the cinematography beautiful. As you can understand Heras grief, I still found it hard to actually sympathise with her as she is not very likeable and her actions create so many problems not only for her family but for everyone coming in touch with her. Even if orbjrg Helga Dyrfjr puts on a great performance. Humour is as well a pillar in the film, and that is partly a relief to the storyline. "Metalhead" is a different story and I like all the layers that takes the story into several directions and you arent fully sure where Ragnar Bragason is taking you from scene to scene. And I love the movie poster art for the film.

Andrew G (de) wrote: Finally! After stumbling through some of the worst of January, it seems that I have received a bit of a reprieve with this Spanish comedy called "A Perfect Day", starring Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko, Melanie Thierry, and Fedja Stukan.This film takes place during a lull in the Balkin states during the War in Bosnia if I am correct. We follow a group of aid workers as they simply try to take a corpse out of a well and the rope they are using snaps, meaning that they need to find a new one.The performances in this film are great across the board. Del Toro and Robbins in particular are excellent. They all have great chemistry and all act like normal people trying to do extraordinary things in a place.One thing that is also very well done is showing the strained relationship between the local people and the foreigners. A scene in particular stands out as a matter a fact. Tim Robbins goes to a store to buy some new rope with the group's interpreter, played by Stukan. This scene is pretty tense where we are hinted that these people don't want the body out of the well. It's never really explained or elaborated on, but that is realistic. The main group of characters are seemingly in the dark most of the time. Their concerns are largely ignored by the U.N. and they are mostly left alone by the locals.This film has a simple premise that moves along fairly well with the help of the great performances and the great pacing. The camera work does a good job in showing the rubble of a once alive civilization while also showing the natural muck of the world. It's as if the foreign powers are not doing much to help bring a sense of return to life.Nonetheless, I recommend checking this film out. And while there is a seemingly unnecessary former love that is inserted in this film, it isn't obnoxious in the least. If you like shows like M.A.S.H. or films from the Italian Neorealism period, then I think you'll have a good time with this one.3.5/5

Brian L (jp) wrote: Very funny movie with excellent humor! Truly a "masterpiece" !! =)

lisa m (it) wrote: Funny and very entertaining

Asif K (jp) wrote: a heart touching emotional drama.

Kim H (de) wrote: Trkig och oinspirerad "thriller"...

Andy F (au) wrote: A pretty terrible sequel light on scares and story but high on action (yawn). Barely more than cardboard cut out characters plod their way through this watchable but tedious hogwash.

Fabrice C (gb) wrote: Oh my god, je me suis trop emmerd...ce n'est vraiment pas vident aborder comme film (et surtout regarder)...

Julien E (ru) wrote: Bin t'sais, c'est pas mauvais, mais.. D'accord, c'est mauvais! :P

Daniel T (nl) wrote: An exhilirating, beautifully shot samurai movie

Steve B (us) wrote: so it's a silly stupid horror comedy with lots of boob jokes. I love this movie. Did I mention it has lots of boob jokes?

Erin M (us) wrote: This has been my favorite movie for years. You learn about the idiotic and perilous nature of "show business" and laugh along the way. Fun, cheesy, inspiring, and imaginative, this movie is a hit in my book!

Adhitama R (es) wrote: Tits, ass and more tits

Jason H (kr) wrote: Where was this movie when I was in elementary school in the 1980s? It would have been nice to have watched it back then!

Margaret S (fr) wrote: 1928 silent comedy that is a goldmine for those who like to identify famous stars of the silent era. Also of interest for those who want to view Hollywood and its film lots as they looked in those eras. And, if you're an antique camera fan, you'll also get plenty of views of those. And as for the story..... well, it's girl-meets-boy, girl-makes-it-big-in-Hollywood-and-forgets-boy, and boy-wins-back-girl-and-they-both-make-it-in-Hollywood. Although a simple (and ancient) plot, it is an enjoyable film and can be viewed by the whole family.

Brandon S (es) wrote: A creative submission from Clive Barker. It features a fresh and original story with superb effects and David Cronenberg. It creates an entire world that leaves you wanting more and more. I highly recommend this.

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