Lady in Cement

Lady in Cement

While diving for sunken treasure, street-smart gumshoe Tony Rome finds the body of a gorgeous blonde, her feet stuck in a block of cement. Soon after, tough guy Waldo Gronski hires him to find a missing woman named Sandra Lomax, and Rome wonders if there's a connection. He sets about trying to locate the woman, and in no time finds himself mixed up with a beautiful party girl and a slippery racketeer.

The film is set in an ocean dive, Miami gumshoe Tony Rome finds a woman's body with its feet encased in a concrete block and sets-out to solve the murder case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JH K (it) wrote: No disfruto el cine de este hombre, no me gusta su estilo de cinematografa y encuentro su obra tremendamente confusa y nada interesante.

Trotsky Q (kr) wrote: A little camp with a little love and several gratuitous cock shots that are work looking at.

Hunter S (ca) wrote: These B horror movies are great, this movie is for people who can appreciate the concept of a horror movie without it being scary. awesome flick

Harry J (gb) wrote: The worst movie I have seen in some time and that says a lot these days ! Only reason I kept watching it was to see if it would ever get better ! Funny it just got worse ! Jane Fonda should live in Vietnam where she belongs with most of Hollywood !

Joshua M (it) wrote: Great acting and soundtrack. Edward Norton is one of my favorites.

john c (br) wrote: Chasing Amy was an outstanding movie. Joey Adams played the part so well. The story line was a haunting tale of the past, for so many of us. I relived some memories I had pleasantly forgotten.

Pim C (ca) wrote: Hugh Grant is a brit doc in New York who has a strange case come through the ER doors, and decides to investigate it. It turns out to be his downfall as his life is taken apart by powerful doctors. The story itself is a bit poor, as is the film as it wasn't especially exciting, many odd scenes put in, the message itself is old hat. I don't recommend this film as it doens't have anything unique, interesting and nothing is special about it.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Classic kung-fu which possibly sets a new standard for pure physical violence. Sonny Chiba backs it up as a killer for hire battling both the mob and a murderer he helped spring from prison. First film to receive X rating for violence.

Rodrigo S (mx) wrote: A Nice history, sad but very good. This movie shows a lot of potential, and i think to my self that the classic movies was the best ever made.

alex f (ru) wrote: steve and dennis are gold and i think are a great prison duo, but what i most liked about this movie was the way the story ran and how it was essentially 2 movies made into one. i didnt find it to drag or get boring and some of the mcqueen scenes just make you say outloud "this guy is fucking crazy".

Greg W (au) wrote: the third in charlton heston's sci-fi trilogy (the others r 'planet of the apes' & 'the omega man') also the gr8 edward g robinson's last film.

stefn birgir s (ca) wrote: Good acting by Foxx. Nothing else really thrilled me.

E L (es) wrote: Actually quite an engrossing thriller.

Courtney J (es) wrote: Actually, one of my favorites.