Lady of the Camelias

Lady of the Camelias

A young girl from the provinces, comes to Paris with one goal: to become a part of the rich bourgeoisie. To achieve this she will use her unique beauty and charm.

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Japhordan C (ru) wrote: I must say that I loved the anime, so I was a total sucker for this movie. Trigun: Badlands Rumble brings back one of the greatest shows of the genre with better animation, the characters we all know and love (Wolfblood being my favorite) along with some new ones, and a good story for what it is. Definitely worth the watch if you liked the t.v. show.

Ilsa W (es) wrote: A terrible title but all in all a very sweet, harmless little film. Only a couple of the cast are recognisable but they all perform fairly admirably. Not amazing by any means but a pleasant enough way to spend an hour and a half!

Carol R (jp) wrote: Really enjoyed it not scary more suspense

John D (br) wrote: People seem to forget that this movie, albeit a great testament for an idea against a tyrannical government, is still just a superhero movie. That being said, I can forgive the scenes which are "unrealistic" while enjoying the sentiment that comes only when you see a government bow to its people. Spectacular symbolism.

Mark R (kr) wrote: I was told that I can't accurately review this cause I slept through most of it. Then let that be my review of this gem. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Adam E (mx) wrote: 31 Days of Horror (2013): #9

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Alexis G (fr) wrote: Fascinating Documentary

Kadeem S (jp) wrote: I'm not so sure if Waterworld's a terrible movie, but I think they should've add the movie a little longer than any other sci-fi adventure had to offer. I felt bad for Kevin Costner because of all the negative attention it has for almost 20 years, but I think Waterworld doesn't suck at all. It's just the movie that is so bad, it's good. Unlike Cutthroat Island, this was one of the most expensive flops at the time because of problems with the production budget that should've been made with $100m since its release, Costner almost died during the set before production ended, an $88 million catastrophe, and a boatload of money that were so expensive, it made to #1 at the box office. But 1995 was not a very good year for swashbuckling movies as evidence by Island. I haven't even watch the movie yet though it has great moments along with intense action, but cheesy performances by Costner and now-deceased actor Dennis Hopper might've hurt the movie's chances at the box office. I guess a sequel to Waterworld is eventually scrapped, right? But Waterworld is a very good and underrated one despite the buzzkill. I hope I could watch this on Itunes.

Guido S (gb) wrote: The original Rollerball was great, it had a little bit of everything, this one is sort of a remake of that one, but they changed a lot and everything was worse for it. Basically, Chris Klein is recruited by Ladies Love Cool James to play Rollerball, the game is mostly the same as the original, but they made the course much more complicated where it was hard to really tell what was going on. The story sort of follows the original, but does everything terribly. Sometimes, these remakes can revive a series by modernizing it and kick start it again, this is not one of those.

Trevor C (nl) wrote: he sequel to If.... which is an almost entirely different style that its predecessor and yet is still a great film.

Victor M (kr) wrote: An irreverent and funny British comedy, maybe could be a little outdated for some viewers, but it still holds its freshness.

Taylor B (nl) wrote: The sequel to are we there yet could have been a little more interesting Magic Johnson was a light to the movie along with the twins maybe they should have had the twins in the first movie but the sequel could have more interesting like going on a plane trip or something

Mloy X (fr) wrote: Ivannah (Priscilla Barnes): [In thick European Accent] Focus. Brodie (Jason Lee): That's what I was thinking. T.S. Quint (Jeremy London): She said 'focus'. Brodie (Jason Lee): Whatever. I wished I could have liked this more but it just wasn't as good as Kevin Smith hyped it to be; I mean, its alright and all, but its not "Clerks". I like most of his work but it seems the one's he's most proud of, "Chasing Amy" and "Mallrats", I don't care for and the one he pans all the time "Jersey Girl, I felt was really charming. One positive thing about this film was definitely Jason Lee (Brodie), his aloe presence made the entire film watchable. The rest of the cast was okay: Shannon Doherty (Rene) and Ethan Suplee (Willam) did a superb job; meanwhile, Michael Rooker (Svenning), Ben Affleck (Shannon) and Claire Forlani (Brandi) seemed very much out of place. It really does seem this is one of their first acting gigs, and their acting style can be best described as nervous and uncomfortable. On the other hand, Jay Mewes (Jay) was funny as usual and was really a natural on camera and Jeremy London was good as well, although, for some reason London's mannerisms, especially the way he spoke and the pitch of his voice, even the way he delivered his lines, really reminded me of Clerks' Randal Graves (played by Jeff Anderson), and makes me kind of wonder why Smith just didn't use Randal's character instead of T.S. since Smith likes using the same characters from other films (Jay, Silent Bob, Gwen, Brodie). Overall, the film was cute but it didn't really have a profound message behind it, which is what makes Smith's other films like "Clerks" or "Dogma" so much more interesting. This film was okay but I think it would have been better if it focused more on Brodie and Rene and less on T.S. and Brandi.

Tim P (au) wrote: Uncomfortable viewing. Hardly The Dead Poets Society.