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After confronting his professor, a student of medicine loses his illegal bed in student housing and finds a job as a housemaid at Sava Mitrovic house. The family happiness soon turns into a chaos, falling apart like a Robert Hall suit.

After confronting his professor, a student of medicine loses his illegal bed in student housing and finds a job as a housemaid at Sava Mitrovic house. The family happiness soon turns into a chaos, falling apart like a Robert Hall suit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angust M (es) wrote: No muy original, un poco lenta y aburrida, pero aparte de eso, nada ms.

Jeffrey D (br) wrote: Utter garbage. I should have watched Ghoulies 2 instead.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Based upon John Grisham's 1996 bestseller, this had been in pre-production since 1997, producer Arnon Milchan acquired the rights before it was even written! The film adaptation was directed by Gary Fleder (Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995) and Don't Say A Word (2001)), and it's an entertaining and gripping legal thriller, even if differs from the book. After the shooting of Jacob Wood (Dylan McDermott) at his office in New Orleans. His widow Celeste (Joanna Going) takes Vicksburgs Firearms to court, claiming gross negligence on their part, with lawyer Wendell Rohr (Dustin Hoffman) defending her. A jury is selected, overseen by jury consultant Rankin Fitch (Gene Hackman). In the jury is store clerk Nick Easter (John Cusack), who really doesn't want to be there. But, he soon finds his life is in danger and his apartment has been ransacked. But nothing on this case is what it seems, and Easter's girlfriend Marlee (Rachel Weisz) has her own agenda related to the case. It's a film which shows all the dirty tricks that goes on when someone takes on a big corporation. In the book, it was a tobacco company in the dock, here it's a gun company, but that doesn't matter, it's still a suspenseful and gripping thriller, with a good cast at it's dark heart.

Delboy M (es) wrote: Guy Ritchie type movie from NZ! 3 guys get themselves involved in an underground pool tournament with there local barman's pub at stake kind of comedy thriller. I actually watched this while i had the flu,you know the way your to ill in bed to move and doped up to the eyeballs with meds,so glad i saw it through this is a hidden gem imo.(barefoot in the park came on immediately after so i watched that too i'm afraid,enjoyed that aswell)

Ryan C (it) wrote: While boasting a tremendous performance by Will Smith (his best in my book), "Ali" showcases only one decade of the many fascinating aspects of Muhammad Ali's life from his boxing career, his religious and political life, and decision to evade the draft. The problem is that Ali was a larger-than-life character and one of the most important and significant sports figures in history, so to try to sum up only ten years of his life in a nearly three hour biopic doesn't quite do "The Champ" enough justice.

Elvira B (us) wrote: La Cienaga is the story of two bourgeoise families on a summer vacation in their country house in Argentina. Alone, isolated from urban life, unavoidably close to each other, the family members face their own decadance as a group and push themselves, inentionally or not, to the the verge of complete domestic destruction. Nothing works: they don't understand each other, don't like each other, can't stand each other. The mother is sick, and so sick of life that she prefers to remain sick in bed rather than keep living like she used to. The father is an detached figure in a corner. The brothers and sisters are, of course, in the wake, the middle, or the end of adolescence, with all its respective problems and dilemmas. The other family contains a shallow, overworking mother, a taciturn, passive father, and their little children. The Swamp is crowded, and noisy; Lucrecia Martel perfectly translates the sticky and unconfortable sensation of humid hot weather, the smell of wet vegetation, dirty pools, brown-water rivers, and the phony cool of electric fans all over the place. All actors and actresses are excellent in their roles, and it's beautifully shot, making the most out of inanimate objects jus as well as characters doing superficial, day-to-day tasks, to create that unconfortable atmosphere of familiar-but-uncertain. Although it lacks a plot per se, there's an everpresent feeling that what is happening is leading someplace. Martel also masterfully creates sexual tension, loads of it, in a film where no sex takes place whatsoever, and where all the characters are, well, related. Regardless of whether it's awkward, Martel goes for it because it's real. La Cienaga a slow-paced, rambling study of the human condition that builds tension until the unavoidable ending. GREAT. One of the best Argentinian films I've seen.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: Never forget what you have done Elliott Gast is a business man who lived a life of deception, lies, and fraud. His relationship with his wife, his upbringing, and his job has all been filled with lies that have hurt people. One inauspicious day, while on a business trip, Elliott is kidnapped and tortured. Will Elliott ever understand why these horrible acts are being inflicted on him? ?Practice your screaming, please.? Simon Hynd, who directed The Host and Virus, delivers Senseless. The storyline for this movie is okay but not delivered to its full potential. Hynd could have done a better job of wrapping up the conclusion (which seemed abrupt and melodramatic). The acting was solid and the characters were well delivered. ?Don?t think of it as being detained?you?re being punished.? Senseless is a movie that my cousin told me about on Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed Audition and Old Boy and was hoping that this film could deliver in a similar fashion. Overall, Hynd seemed to focus more on the torture sequences than the storyline. The torture scenes were fascinating, but the point of the film is a bit evasive. This movie is worth watching but not worth owning. ?Any last words?? Grade: C

Archibald T (nl) wrote: Kind of thought this might be sick and disturbing since the main character sleeps with dead people, but it's done in such a way where it's respectful. It's a weird movie, but not so weird. Hard to explain. Molly Parker does a brave job with such a taboo subject.

Andr (nl) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 04.12.1999

James L (mx) wrote: A film about someone obsessed with vengeance that is infinitely more original, interesting and intelligent than 'Kill Bill'.

Dave J (ca) wrote: Thursday, May 13, 2010 (1962) Burn Witch Burn SUPERNATURAL THRILLER Anybody who loved "Curse of the Demon" about the supernatural might enjoy this film as well since it elaborates some of the so-called witchcraft myths. Professor husband suspects his wife is practicing witchcraft, she is practising witchcraft because someone has put a 'hex' on him for he is a skeptic. He forces her to get rid of all her witchcraft remnants and all hell breaks loose. This film depends on alot of close-ups, facial expressions and body movements and is quite fascinating to say the least because although it's not too scary it does keep things moving. 3.5 out of 4

Mike B (es) wrote: Very important film. Stunning cinematography.