Lagenda budak setan 2: Katerina

Lagenda budak setan 2: Katerina


After the death of Ayu, Kasyah raised their daughter Athirah all by himself. Katherina met with Kasyah again even though she was heartbroken. When their love has gone stronger they have to go through many challenges in order to make the relationship works. Will their love survive? Watch this epic love story and find out... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica H (it) wrote: The predictability is high, the little bit of realism is completely out the window, but this part was made for Jessica Alba. She does it very well. So well that all of her scenes help save the film. Having the original spy kids in the film is great, except their roles because just as silly without any real character growth or storyline as to why they are even in the film together. There are just lines so badly that the actors and actresses can not begin to pull them off.

Nathan A (es) wrote: A by-the-numbers crime drama.

Micke B (fr) wrote: knns som om denna film frsker vara mycket mer n den klarar av. en drm om en trippad amerikansk roadmovie lr s..massa konstiga karaktrer och scener. men lite charmig stundtals. ingen hjdare dock.

SV G (ca) wrote: Wonderful production of the classic story; wiht intriging performances and a great screenplay. I enjoyed this old film from 1941 very much. Walter Huston as "Scratch" was excellant.

Charles P (es) wrote: The cast of this second crime caper seems to having all the fun making the film, while we're left with the lethargic and ridiculous product.

Ricky M (us) wrote: B Sweet and endearing romantic comedy worth seeing for the sheer chemistry of the pair. Ricky Miller