Lágrimas negras

Lágrimas negras

Documentary on poverty and food shortages in Cuba.

Documentary on poverty and food shortages in Cuba. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lágrimas negras torrent reviews

Linda B (nl) wrote: Superbe vue de nous york mais histoire bof (a manque de peps ...)

Cesar G (kr) wrote: It has a lot to offer but in the process somehow It feels short with a not so satisfying ending.

Geoff J (nl) wrote: Stylish if shallow vampire flick, but one that can't escape the curse of the cliche...


Greg W (gb) wrote: ok lil com-dram indie

Nichole G (ca) wrote: The clamation penis that was a girl and cried really threw it over the top for me... Total crap, but I think it was supposed to be.

Matthew M (jp) wrote: Bizarrely hilarious (and not in the making-fun-of-it way). Yes it's another "I see ghosts" movie, but with one foot in horror and the other in romantic comedy. In fact, it gets so sweet at the end, I've never seen it with someone who doesn't cry. Then laugh their ass off.

Genevive C (kr) wrote: Awful film. It obviously tries to be satirical, but it just ends up just looking like a B-series film with terrible Aussie actors. Campion should stick to directing dramas.

Alex L (au) wrote: Utterly ridiculous. No wonder they had to make a new totally different sequel.

Matt T (it) wrote: a good wholesome movie

Mlany V (ca) wrote: really interesting history about the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.... it's always good to discover more about the world history.. I love that!

Private U (fr) wrote: One of the best anime movie I've ever seen. Only seen it once but that was all I needed. I'd give a little toe to own the sucker on dvd.

Felix A (br) wrote: Best movie GHOST DAD 2016

Quinto W (it) wrote: Give credit to Edie Sedgwick's death for the popularity of this film, but even if she had lived it would've been an incredible and strange scrapbook of what the 1960's culture represented and how it worked. It's interesting to see because it's basically almost a documentary.

Alethea G (au) wrote: heard good things n liked the first one