Teahupoo, Tahiti. On the 17th of August, 2000, a line was drawn in the sand and Laird Hamilton stood alone. Engulfed in the vortex of the heaviest wave ever ridden, Laird Hamilton stood where no man had ever stood before. Death was the only outcome if a mistake was made. The footage shocked the world. Had it not been captured on film, no one would believe it was possible. It was a moment shadowed only by the journey of his life as a waterman and explorer of the most pure form of energy on earth. This amazing film, shoot on both High Definition and 35mm, won numerous awards at the 2002 X-dance Film Festival. This is the extreme movie of the year, quite possibly the decade.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surfing,  

Watch in amazement as Laird Hamilton rides the biggest wave ever seen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (fr) wrote: More of a semi-remake that doesn't get anything right. The characters are hollow and hardly anything like the originals, plus there isn't much establishment time. The film is rather faced paced, but comparing it to the other films just make end seem rushed in the end, and there isn't much room or originality. Overall, it's has the title, it has the character's names, but it's not Fright Night enough to distinguish itself from typical bad vampire flicks.

Henrysmovieguide C (jp) wrote: Just your basic kids dinosaur movie. Nothing really special here. Some cool parts, but nothing amazing.

Abel D (kr) wrote: Despite atmospheric direction and a very game cast of British talent, Landis 'Hare' never amounts to much. It romanticizes the real life murders into a dark comedy, except the jokes never make much use of the ghoulish premise, and instead rely entirely on lame slapstick and toilet gags.

Chris R (fr) wrote: Its a simple story, something about childhood friends making a comic book, and a kid finding the comic book. Jump forward in time 30(ish) years, theyre all grown up and have forgotten about the book, but a bunch of killings start happening. Turns out the kid who stole the comic book has got a chip on his shoulder. The bad dude wears a mask over his face and you spend the whole trilogy trying to figure out just which kid from the school IS the guy behind the mask. Meanwhile the mask guy (who calls himself 'friend' ironically enough takes over the world)... ...or at least i THINK thats what the plot was, at some point the protagonists neice becomes involved and it becomes a bit emo for the 2nd half of the trilogy. Its all very strange and bizarre, but if youre willing to suspend disbelief for about 9 hours then i think youll be able to watch it. Some parts are very unnecessary and superfluous, but hey, its a Japanese film so what do you expect. If I ever watch it again ill make sure ive got a spliff to hand, cos some parts of this film are just meant for that, im certain of it!

Ben H (de) wrote: One of Brian De Palma's worst films to date. 'Redacted' is an angry, messy, unruly piece of anti-war propaganda. Whether or not you agree with it's politics, the blunt contrivances and single-mindedness, coupled with hokey acting grates the serious subject matter.

Patrick S (au) wrote: Bale was great. everything else wasnt

Carl E (gb) wrote: So bad. Reynolds extra snarkiness is the only redeeming quality, and even that's annoying by the end.

Lee M (ag) wrote: An interesting attempt at breaking the mold of romantic comedy ... by removing, oddly, the comedy.

jeffrey b (ag) wrote: I admit I had pretty high expectations for this movie and thankfully this movie came through and beat my expectations. The movie is over 10 years old so don't expect any big budget effects or Tom Cruise. What makes this movie shine is the character acting that is made me truly smile. I found it quite a riot at times! The plot pivots around the character of Justin Rodgers a precocious and adventurous youngster who ends up leaving a family vacation and ends up discovering some funny but unlawful characters in the process of kidnapping the daughter of a billionaire. We are introduced to Justin's family who you might describe as dysfunctional as the father seems more interested in football on television as opposed to family interaction. Kate is Justin's sister and like many sisters out there finds her brother an annoyance. The criminals Perry and Kurt are a true odd couple but lovable and campy. This movie portrays law enforcements as pretty ineffectual the cops Sarge and Lyle seem more interested in playing practical jokes on each other than solving crimes. The mysterious Tracker played by Jim Doughan is good comic relief as well as we see him make an ineffectual attempt at dating the kidnapped Chelsea who must be half his age! Only after quite a hubbub does the rescue succeed, but what is really touching is the ending in which the protagonists yearn for family togetherness, something that we we often lose sight of in our modern lifestyles. This movie is good for people considering starting families as there are some important underlying family issues that eventually lead the main characters into misadventures that they might have avoid if they had better interpersonal communications and dare I say family values. This movie would also be good for expectant mother as a lesson of what situations not to get involved in while a baby is in the prenatal period.

allison h (au) wrote: great movie i could watch it over and over

G R (fr) wrote: Nice effort, and it's pretty funny, but it wasn't that good.

Zoran S (br) wrote: Visually impressive like all Lang. It's a tad below some of his other Noirs but it's still stunning stuff.

Jacob G (ru) wrote: I'm not biting the bit to see this... in fact, the trailers were kind of a turn-off. But it IS Aliens. And they ARE in an attic. So I'd see it. I just wouldn't spend much money to see it.

Ramiro G (ag) wrote: An odd but great script enhanced by its stars' performances make Ruby Sparks more than just another romantic comedy

Tima B (de) wrote: Choppy closer to the end but overall a great movie! My biggest critique is that they should've introduced all of the characters formerly, so that the story was more feasible to follow. Action packed and pretty decent twist.

Kristi B (kr) wrote: I found the story compelling and absorbing. What mother wouldn't want to bring her child back? The film was well made with good acting and creepy moments. One of the better horrors of 2016.