Vaidehi (Manisha Koirala) gets married to Raghuvir (Jackie Shroff), an NRI. Suffering the agony of an unhappy marriage, she decides to run away from him when she learns that she is pregnant and he wants to take the child away from her. In her pursuit for freedom, she meets Mythili (Mahima Chaudhury) a bride-to-be, Janaki (Madhuri Dixit) a theatre artist and Ramdulari (Rekha) a village midwife - all of whom are victims of male chauvinism. They however refuse to be put down and fight for their rights.

Vaidehi (Manisha Koirala) gets married to Raghuvir (Jackie Shroff), an NRI. Suffering the agony of an unhappy marriage, she decides to run away from him when she learns that she is pregnant... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cory T (nl) wrote: I think many of the "real" critics may have missed the big picture. Sure the movie has a lot to do with chiropractic as it is at the forefront of the wellness revolution, but it is a film about the current medical paradigm that is controlled by big pharma and the all mighty $. It may lose a bit of focus, if your focus is only on chiropractic, as it delves into various alternative therapies and nutrition. Chiropractic is a main focus due to the AMA lawsuit and the fact that chiropractic has been shouting from the mountaintops for 117 years that the current medical model is broken. Overall a great and enlightening film.

Miguel M (ru) wrote: Oz the Great and Powerful isn't that interesting, it's a copy of Wicked and it's too complicated to follow. The only thing that really stands out aside from the effects is the charming performance by James Franco.

Brian S (gb) wrote: This is a film with a story driven on by plot holes so huge that what the viewer sees only becomes plausible in an alternative universe in which human intelligence never evolved at all. We get cops who never call for backup, a mental hospital that shackles its inmates with shock collars that deliver enough voltage to make their necks smoke, an alarm system that doesn't notify anyone in the outside world when it goes offline and releases a building full of cannibals and psychotic killers, and human beings who can perform feats of strength after having multiple four inch wide swords driven through their abdomens. The screenplay was apparently written by one of the characters in the movie; it's simply incoherent, as is the editing. There is at least one scene for which there is no explanation, as if some other scene explaining it had been cut out. Don't even try to comprehend the dialogue or the "explanation" offered for the actions of the villain in the climactic "let me give you a long lecture instead of killing you" scene. Medium Raw is truly half baked.

Peter M (au) wrote: not bad the actings a little off, i rented it cus lance henrikson was in it. really only for fans of serial killer movies.

Private U (de) wrote: Love this movie, but I'm biased because I was the Key Grip on it. Give it a look!

kyo 9 (de) wrote: A very nice romantic comedy movie..However, I would not prefer my fiance to do the wedding preparation alone, since they might change their mind after this.. (lol)

John S (ag) wrote: Beautiful scenery compliments this touching film about a son taking over the the mountain postal route for his retiring father and what they learn about each other along the way. (note: subtitling is not the best I've seen)

Mark W (mx) wrote: We returned to the initial premise of a normal man going nuts with a normal drill... None of that guitar shaped drill rock and roll nonsense from the second! Although these films are far from being anything special, they are perfect for anyone who enjoys a good old slasher, the acting may be atrocious and the story thin as water but for some reason the film still has you hooked.

Toby C (ru) wrote: This movie was terrible, and yet they had the balls to make a second?!

soul s (kr) wrote: how dare you all get this to a 17 percent on rotten? I like great films great dramas..I understand this is just a mainstream movie but it's a kickass Bruce Willis flick that is one of my favorites for sure..I understand is not an important film but it's a good good movie. 17 percent total is just not representative if the redeeming good parts of this film of which there are many

Chiek E (ca) wrote: True love is to let go knowing that is best for the other party. 37 year old Uma Thurman lets go of 23 year old jewish boy friend when she reconciled to their differences in faith and age were real obstacles to a long lasting relationship. It's this realistic ending that I like very much. Aside getting to watch Meryl Streep in action.

Lucas N (fr) wrote: It's a fun story with little to no fluff in it.