Lakeer ka Fakeer

Lakeer ka Fakeer

The film revolves around the lives of three friends-cum-petty crooks whose biggest crime is the fact that they reside in Mumbai's notorious area, where nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates take shape.

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Erica S (ca) wrote: i have no idea why this is going to theaters, oh wait yes i do ,,, its like every other movie about ghosts !! its paranormal activity for the billionth time.. this is getting really old

Ryan C (kr) wrote: Funny. Funny. Funny. Throw in a couple "touching" moments that display the lead actresses talents and you have a movie that goes in a different direction than you initially think. It borders on immaturity - and some people may incorrectly think it's immature. I think it's the exact opposite - I think it's some of the most intelligent sex humor I've ever heard. The topics may be immature in nature, but absolutely not the way they're handled by the writer or actors. Some is tongue-in-cheek, but that's because the characters are embellishing the story to make it better - like real life. You're gonna wish they would have used a few more locations - or even ventured outside the house more often - but that's being nit-picky. The humor and originality of a worn-out-genre will keep you interested and laughing and quoting the movie. But you're gonna have to make your friends watch it otherwise they're not going to understand what you mean when you say "You're not so little after all" or "this side never touched my wiener" or "she's husky - oh yeah!"

Hani H (fr) wrote: great english movie. it tells a story of a drug dealer and his journey in life. very nice drama with alot of messeges to deliver to the viewers. it shows how the drug war ended badly for the americans and english and how Mr. Nice were able to survive after all and live with his family. a great drama movie for drama fans

Jim H (de) wrote: A hard-hearted street thug accidentally kidnaps a baby and must care for him.A basic morality tale, Tsotsi hits all the right notes in a maudlin song. The healing power of love, the innocence of childhood, the permanence/importance of parental love -- all the usual themes are stuffed in this film. Added to this is the simplistic explanation for Tsotsi's behavior, his abandonment by he parents. Overall, it's all a cliche, but it's a well done cliche.

Sung Che J (kr) wrote: watched it because theres a scene in "little bride"

Tim G (us) wrote: The hilarity starts at the high school championship game and continues with every college visit.

Blke W (ru) wrote: Exceptional triller with romantic intent. From the mainstream jock needs a job plot, but in this case he's already an injured pro, knocked out the lawyer, sidesteped a ex+team mate's job offer, and fallen for a L.A. high profile escapee in meh-hic-co.Not bad performances from the affor mentioned characters and noted one hotted up jeff bridges, body to burn in a steemy remote island love shack up with rachel ward.Directed well and bound for the small screen I'm sure, for its day a modern passing the time masterpiece of intreauge and the American way.A bit dull in places, though strung togeather well. Watchable thriller I guess. And yes a great sound track hit by phill collins.

Brett S (br) wrote: Good, enjoyable, but not as good as some of their other movies. Like all A&C flicks, there are some really hilarious moments. Overall, it is enjoyable, but it isn't one of my favourites. Worth watching if you like Abbott & Costello though.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Simmering with its humour, it's the timing and smoothness of the character interactions that make this a pleasure.

Gerald O (br) wrote: "It's just a little theistic hysteria."