Lakhon Mein Ek

Lakhon Mein Ek

Indian musical.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Lakhon Mein Ek torrent reviews

Timothy S (mx) wrote: This is, without a doubt, the most realistic movie I have ever seen. It was bleak, boring, beautiful, and I absolutely loved it!

Michael C (de) wrote: A great mindless adventure romp. One of the better fairytale adaptations. The heroics were spread between all the 'good' characters making them all likeable.

Robyn M (au) wrote: oh my..i liked the twelve dancing princesses one way better..the dogs were annoying when they were dancing..however, my 4 year old cousin really enjoyed it..speaking from a kids poitn of view, id probably give it a..uhhhh....4.5 but in reality..not that lol

Lara R (de) wrote: tecnicamente a edio estranha, deixa o final meio repentino, mas em termos de contedo, perfeito. a surrealidade da ignorncia um impacto imenso, e sugere uma reflexo essencial.

LAM S (mx) wrote: Have u really think about this, the bird will attack and kill people one day...?

Gianluca B (br) wrote: Ottima cinematografia. Non mi pare molto fedele alla storia 'originaria', ma alla fine comunica qualcosa.

Slpknt92 J (de) wrote: This was THE WORST movie i have ever seen! The action is frivolous, the story is proposturous and the acting is atrocious. Please Sci-Fi channel, give us an original movie that can't be made on Windows Movie Maker (R) overnight!!!

Anthony P (au) wrote: If you're offended by strong language (and sex,violence to man and beast, drug use etc...) stay well away. If not its an amusing (often macarbe) film which paints a grim Hyper-reality version of South Wales life with the Lewis brothers running riot in Swansea and bent coppers involved in the drugs trade. A nicely scripted dicussion to do with Dylan Thomas at Swansea Railway Station made me laugh.

Zebulon R (ca) wrote: Meh. Daniel Stern really got shafted by Hollywood.

Alex r (ca) wrote: Psychological horror films are often hard to accomplish. The reason is that they have to manipulate your mind in such a way that you are genuinely afraid of what's going on on-screen. With Pin, you get exactly that, this is one of the finest examples of what psychological horror films should be. With a great cast of actors, Pin is a bone chilling film that will grab your attention from start to finish. The film boasts a very good cast and terrifying moments. This is a brilliant execution in the genre, and the psychological aspect of the movie really does stand out because the lead actor who plays Leon is so convincing. The film has some tense moments of sheer terror and it goes deep into your conscience. Leon is a paranoid Schizophrenic who thinks that Pin, an anatomically correct dummy is alive and he uses it to control his sister. The film is simple, but it's effective in showing the downfall of mental illness when it goes untreated and the result is terrifying. I was pleasantly surprised with the film, and it is one of the finest of the psychological horror genre of film. The cast are very good here, and the story is engaging, thrilling and it always leaves you on the edge of your seat. To any genre fan looking for a well crafted horror film, Pin is definitely a fine choice. This film goes deep in the human psychosis, which adds to the terror that unfolds on-screen. Now is this a masterpiece, it isn't, but it definitely one of the finer examples of psychological horror done right.

Gihan A (mx) wrote: Pretty good ,remember my sis was crying way back when we first saw this in 90's - so remember how not to weep.

Jeff W (ag) wrote: A maniac kills off hookers using karate! You'd be surprised how badly a movie can suck even with a great plot such as this one. I've heard this was reedited very heavily before release which is a shame because with the added violence this could've been a real gem. Driller Killer and Ms. 45 this isn't, but Abel Ferrara does have the scummy 1980's New York locations working in his favor.

MB H (nl) wrote: I saw this effin hilarious, twisted film at an Alamo Drafthouse screening in Austin. The crowd was cracking up. It is basically an anti-dope film with a sadistic "say no to drugs" warning in the guise of a cannibalistic turkey monster vampire.

Perrine B (nl) wrote: Revenge gets ugly.Jonah Hex est un chasseur de prime qui n'a plus foi en rien depuis que sa femme et son fils ont t assassins devant ses yeux. Quand l'arme amricaine l'engage pour traquer Turnbull, un terroriste dangereux qui est aussi le responsable de la mort de sa famille, la traque devient alors personnelle. Avec sa mauvaise rputation, je m'attendais au pire avec cette adaptation d'un DC comics inconnu dans nos contres. Mais je me suis bien divertie, et j'ai bien rigol avec le dcalage procur par les armes improbables utilises par les protagonistes. Certes, ceci n'est pas un grand film, mais il ne mrite pas l'acharnement ngatif que les utilisateurs d'IMDB lui infligent. Au vu de sa dure trs courte de 81 minutes, il a trs probablement t bien coup avant la diffusion tl, enlevant alors au passage les lments que les spectateurs de cinma avaient d dtester ? Toujours est-il que les prestations des acteurs sont trs correctes : Josh Brolin en Jonah Hex sans tats d'me, Malkovich en mchant trs mchant, Fassbender surprenant en crapule, et mme Megan Fox (!) dans le rle ingrat de la prostitue (sexy bien sr) amoureuse du hros. En prenant ce film comme un simple moment de dtente, il y a bien moyen de se faire plaisir!

emily h (kr) wrote: Funny super cheesy but intentionally

Norbert T (us) wrote: Quinn Lords best film

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