Karan is a lazy good-for-nothing who lives on the generated income of his father and elder brother at their family business. Karan's days: hang out with buddies and romance a woman named Romi. When he watches an action movie, he decides to enlist in the army with a friend, but basic training proves to be too much of a bother and he shortly abandons it, thus making him lose respect on the home front. Romi also stops respecting him. Karan decides he must re-join the army and show his family and Romi that he, too, is focused upon the path he has to take in this lifetime, but will he be resilient enough to carry out this task?

When taken out of comfort zone, pampered young man Karan faces the reality of having goalless life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lakshya torrent reviews

Jake M (us) wrote: This movie, I thought, could have had a lot of potential, but it was so stuffed with sports movie cliches that I knew what was going to happen before every scene. Why are there so many movies based on real sports stories? Not that that's a bad thing, but execution and control are extremely crucial when it comes to sports movies. This one has neither. It doesn't even have a memorable title or memorable characters. In fact, the only thing that's memorable is the football action. It's definitely not the worst sports movie out there, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Alexander M (kr) wrote: You won't get it if you aren't a spanish speaker. Muy comica y propia del actuar mexicano. Si hicieran una segunda parte la veria sin duda.

Heather M (es) wrote: I really liked Jolie and Burns together in this one. It was a cute and totally unrealistic story.

Sherry M (ag) wrote: Interesting idea. Clever ending. Surprised me. Tim Robbins, Jeff Bridges, Joan Cusack all good. History professor teaching class in terrorism begins to suspect neighbor. Maybe could have kept you guessing about the neighbor a little longer.

Tim H (br) wrote: Same old stuff as all the other entries in the series.

Richard H (jp) wrote: Cheezy silliness....ok ???

Brandon C (nl) wrote: Saludos Amigos is quite enjoyable.

Kai B (jp) wrote: Very Larry David and I loved every minute of it!

Don E (it) wrote: this was a good movie. very predictable but kept my interest.

Ofeli G (au) wrote: Loved Edward Norton's performance here (& his goatee). :)

Jonathan C (nl) wrote: Heartwarming and inspirational with great performances, but so predictable.

Cyndi J (es) wrote: If I wanted to be preached to by the nuns of bygone days I would still be in church but because I grew a conscience of my own and don't succumb to the lemming principle I'll pass on this one...

Justin B (mx) wrote: Though its arguably the best of the sequels and there are a number of really memorable scenes but there are far more lost opportunities. A gimmicky popcorn flick with too much fan service and too few fresh ideas.