Lal Bangla

Lal Bangla


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Lal Bangla 1966 full movies, Lal Bangla torrents movie

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Lal Bangla torrent reviews

Larissa K (gb) wrote: It is a great job to stay true to your self but in this movie it showed me, that you never know what you can do unless you try

Becs D (mx) wrote: The shocking case and miscarriage of justice of 3 teenage boys that go on to be collectively known as The West Memphis Three. I have followed the case from the very first time I watched the first Paradise Lost documentary and it's follow on documentaries, read the books, watched all of the clips to be found on the case. A truly fascinating and horrifying tale and a crime that was tried on very little circumstantial evidence. Possibly need to know a little about the overall case to watch, but very worth the watch.

Craig H (ca) wrote: Jaws meets Tremors with very bad actors and special effects

Coralie P (ru) wrote: its a predictable story line ..but it deals with all the issues and hits hard at them .. a good watch for all your daughters out there mums

Angela S (fr) wrote: Watched the hole season in one day and It was totally worth it. I can't wait to see what they come up with for Season 2!

Thrse F (es) wrote: Not interested in watching

Jamie C (it) wrote: This film was better than it should of been, The plot is silly, The acting is silly, The ending is silly, Most of the jokes (The ones that don't bomb) Are silly but it works, God knows how, The strong cast helped and they all looked like they enjoyed filming, I laughed quite a few times aswell, It wont be everyones taste but I liked it and most comedy fans will if you switch your brain off.

Ryan D (us) wrote: Rodney should have hung it up before dropping this turd.


Shark M (ag) wrote: WHAT I LIKED? There are some funny scenes, and it's kind of like the whole "Kick-Ass" real life superhero thing before it became more popular. WHAT I DIDN'T? It's just not that good. Cheesy and not very entertaining. WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? This movie is not even rent-worthy, I doubt I would even watch it on TV.

Melody S (ca) wrote: Prince, will be missed.

Joes C (es) wrote: loved the guitar serenade at dinner. loved the political expression, loved the relationships.

Hollywood H (kr) wrote: Prob funny with kids

Michael T (ru) wrote: MGM's lavish, (over)long, Technicolor extravaganza is wildly uneven, talky,but sometimes delightful; the most famous sequence is undoubtedly the live action/animated "Worry Song" with Gene Kelly & Jerry the Mouse, but it's the quieter musical moments that impress, particularly the ones with SInatra singing "What Makes the Sunset?" and the Oscar-nominated "I Fall in Love Too Easily," and Kelly's Mexican hat dance with Sharon McManus. And then, there's Kathryn Grayson....

Chloe A (ru) wrote: 3 stars! A bit of a weird one, however the ending was pretty happy and (Little Jason) is beautiful! Wasn't expecting some parts so they came as a shock. Overall it was a decent film.