Kevin Laird is a Beverly Hills school teacher by day and a mystery man by night. Using his lambada dance moves to first earn the kid's respect and acceptance, Kevin then teaches them academics. But when a jealous student exposes Kevin's double life, his two worlds collide, threatening his job and reputation.

A Beverly Hills school teacher by day, Kevin Laird, journeys at night to a warehouse in East L.A, where a group of barrio kids gather to dance the lambada. But when a jealous student exposes Kevin's double life, his two worlds collide, threatening his job and reputation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon J (kr) wrote: Rather a con as this film isn't the least bit Christmassy.

Bryan J (ca) wrote: Saoirse Ronan is perfect, and Joe Wright handles this film the same way he did Atonement - masterfully.

Brittany O (br) wrote: I loved American Cowslip. It was shot beautifully - the vibrant colors complemented the insanity of the characters & the twisted world of Ethan Inglebrink. The cast was great - an amazing ensemble of neighbors and enemies, hilarious performances by Rip Torn and Val Kilmer. Not since "Fear and Lothing" have I seen the darkness of drugs and addiction portrayed in such a chaotic yet humorous light. Ronnie Gene Blevins was awesome as Ethan, he plays such a loveable fuck-up, you really root for him in his ridiculous quest to sustain or escape his life.

Tiff M (kr) wrote: Touching movie and makes you think how thankul we are to have people serve for our country and how scary they are going back for it.

Brittany S (us) wrote: This movie is SO SO SO SO SO SO SAD!

Jacqui (it) wrote: i saw this movie when i was younger and didn't really like it. i'd love to see it again though because now i realize that the three main characters are very good actors to this day.

Muffin M (au) wrote: America's hottest new rock band is hiding out at Lord and Lady Foxley's (Peter O'Toole, Joan Plowright) country estate. Nat (Alicia Silverstone), hot and talented new bass player fills in for the band's frontman who has mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile Lord and Lady are masquerading as servants in their own mansion which leads to a clash of cultures and a roller coaster ride on the wild side. also stars Lochlyn Munro, Jamiz Woolvett, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, Christopher Bolton, Martin Clumes and Amy Phillips. directed by Sidney J. Furie.

bill s (it) wrote: Every now and then Costner connects on these sports movies and with this funny,sweet comedy we are reminded of how good he can be.

Dave M (nl) wrote: Really liked it when I saw it on public TV. Went back and watched a few years later and didn't like it as much.

Bradlee M (ru) wrote: Brilliant cast and great atmosphere. Why this movie is not on DVD is beyond me.

Rainer K (nl) wrote: Als erster Teil meines abschlieenden Linklater-Marathons musste subUrbia herhalten. Auf den ersten Blick, wirkt der Film sehr sehr Linklater-ish. Eine Kleinstadt in Texas, eine Gruppe Jugendlicher, Diskussionen ber die Zukunft ihrer Generation. Slacker und Dazed and Confused kommen einem in den Sinn, und tatschlich ist einiges dieser frheren Werke hier zu finden. Kaum einer hat ein authentischeres Auge auf das Kleinstadtleben als Linklater. Kaum einer kann zwei Stunden zuflligen Nichts (randomness) ansprechender verpacken als Linklater.subUrbia zhlt trotzdem nicht zu seinen beachtenswerteren Filmen. Erstens zerstrt er die Linklater-Formel im dritten Akt, in dem dann doch noch etwas passiert, das ganze erreicht sogar tragdische Ausmae. So etwas ist vllig fehl am Platz in Linklaters Kleinstadtstudien der Trostlosigkeit. subUrbia begeht den gleichen Fehler wie so viele Filme mit hnlicher Thematik. Statt einfach darzustellen was und wie die Protagonisten Leben und ihre Probleme zu begutachten, wendet sich der Blick auf eine verlorene Generation einem erfundenen Seifenoper-Geschehnis zu.Was den Film vielleicht htte retten knnen, wren talentierte Schauspieler, bis auf Giovanni Ribisi (noch ohne nervige Stimme) sind allerdings keine zu sehen. Steve Zahn spielt einen totalen Vollidioten, der sonst nicht viel zu tun bekommt, und die beiden essentiellen, und wahrscheinlich schwierigsten Rollen des Rockstars Pony und des Army-Veteranen und Alkoholikers Tim sind furchtbar besetzt.Sehr viel mehr ist ber subUrbia auch gar nicht mehr zu schreiben. Der Film stellt eine Ausnahme im Werk Linklaters dar - ein kleines, recht persnliches Werk, das trotzdem nicht wirklich gut ist.PS: Die grte berraschung bot sich mir in den Opening Credites: Production Designer - Catherine Hardwicke, die Regisseurin von Filmen wie Twilight und Red Riding Hood, war in den 90er Jahren Setdesigner von etlichen Indie-Produktionen.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: I'm so smart it is a disease.Mildred Pierce's husband cheats and deserts her, leaving her with a demanding daughter. Mildred becomes an independent woman, starts working as a waitress, saves her pennies, and eventually opens her own restaurant. She makes enough money to give her daughter the best life she can but her daughter keeps the pressure on her to make more and more money. Can Mildred meet her daughter's expectations or will her life crumble through her fingers?"You don't really think I could be in love with a rotten tramp like you, do you?"Michael Curtiz, director of Casablanca, White Christmas, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Vagabond King, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Captain Blood, delivers Mildred Pierce. The storyline for this picture is absolutely awesome. The main character is mesmerizing and the side characters, male pursuers as well as the daughter, are so well written and delivered. The performances are stunning and the cast includes Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott, Eve Arden, Bruce Bennett, and Ann Blyth. "Detectives have souls...the same as anyone else."I am a HUGE Michael Curtiz fan and I am coming around on Joan Crawford. I found this picture on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and decided to give it a shot. I will tell you this is an amazing picture and easily my favorite Crawford film to date. The story is intriguing, unpredictable, and very intricate and ways I hardly anticipated. This thriller is a must see and amongst my favorite Curtiz films."I lost my awe of women at an early age."Grade: A+

Robert W (jp) wrote: Nearly a scene for scene remake of Phantom Menace. How are these guys not getting sued?

Quinto W (fr) wrote: The first half of the movie is surprisingly solid for a Troma film, but after that it stops dead in its tracks looking for something to do and somewhere to go, which it never finds. The completely ridiculous "twist" ending was awesome, though.