Fiore, an Italian conman, arrives in post Communist Albania with Gino, his young apprentice, to set up a shoe factory that will never open. The con requires a native Albanian, so they designate Spiro, an impoverished and confused former political prisoner as chairman of the board. When Fiore returns to Italy to get government funds for the project, Spiro unexpectedly disappears and Gino sets out on a journey to find him. The search leads him to discover Spiro's tragic personal history and witness Albanian poverty firsthand.

Two Italian racketeers come to Albania just after the fall of the communists to set up a fictive firm and pocket the grants. They need a stooge. They choose an old one in a jail : Spiro. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob L (nl) wrote: The Amazing Spiderman 2 I'm not going to lie disappointed me kind of a lot, first of all it repeats the same mistake from the previous franchise(spiderman 3) and Batman returns in which its so concerned about getting so many new characters(too many to care about) into the film that the whole story aspect gets thrown aside for a million backstory, as well as the underused talent of Paul Giamatti as the Rhino who I would have preferred to be the main villain rather than "Harry Osborn" as the Green Goblin, that's right his father Norman Osborn dies meaning Harry becomes the goblin instead of Norman like we all know and love. I mean this movie had so much potential based off of the success of its predecessor which was an exceptional film, don't get me wrong what this film does right is done very, very well, for example, the cast and imagery are great. but it takes a little bit of everything to make an overall decent product, which is not the case hereI'm upset I have to do this but I'm giving this movie 2.5/5 stars.

Allan N (br) wrote: Absolutely horrible film! Technically it was well done, and a lot of effort was put into set and wardrobe design, but that's just not enough, if you have a script without a story. None of the scenes made any sense, you didn't care about the characters. Again a proof that the script is the most important part of a film!

nick m (es) wrote: was a good movie to watch, took me 1.5 hr. to see it due to family in & out

Tim F (us) wrote: This is a very cold movie. Not only literally because it's set in the outskirts of the Ukraine with the industrial background or in Germany and Slovakie, but also figuratively because Seidl manages to make us feel down watching this. Olga clearly lives in a bad situation, even her parents don't seem to give much about her while she is living with them and supporting them even with her baby. The other story is about Paul, a young german guy who's just broke up with his girlfriend because he got a dog of which she is afraid. So he chose for the dog. His situation is also pretty bad, owing people money, no job, peculiar relationship with his stephdad, etc... Olga reaches for a last resort. She decides to do online webcam sex. Both get humiliated, personally it must be very hard. But they don't give up. It's all brought very emotionally and very visually. Seidl let's you stand still and makes you think of it for a moment. The language barriere is a tough one, surely for Olga. I think that and her identity are the main reasons she is treated like shit everywhere she tries to make a living. The nursing home for the elderly is very confronting, very sad. Death is approached here in the most determined way. While we follow Paul and his stephdad to the wastland of Slovakie for a pointless sale of an 'arcademachine' we see how desperate people are over there. Both Olga and Paul seem to find the futile joy only in music or dance or drinking. Sex seems to be one of them two but not for them. But surely for Michael, Paul's stephdad. His way of life seems one without principles. (for example; cheating on his wife by letting a young naked Ukrain girl who does't understand a word he says, bark and walk arround like a dog, making her say stupid things, before letting her 'nibble' on his pathetic cock, all while Paul is in the room asking for the bill of the hotelroom he won't give him) Paul constantly reacts against him, he does seem to have principles, he just doesn't get any chances it seems. For Michael it's easy to extort and show his 'power', being in a country where his money is worth a lot more. This is clearly shown. In this movie it's much harder to decide what's good or bad. Compared to a Hollywood movie, these people aren't heroes, aren't given any comfort, aren't given any choices. Every piece of hope get's professionally sacked. I got the feeling sometimes; 'why am i 'forced' to watch this?' That's the point I think, confronting us with these parts of humanity. Succeeded!

Jason F (br) wrote: this was a really dumb movie, i have no idea why it is top 100 rental on netflix

Irvan P (mx) wrote: Kesederhanaan karakter James Nachtwey membaluti karya-karya besarnya dalam dunia fotografi. Seseorang yang mampu mengetuk nurani masyarakat dunia dengan penggambaran yang tajam mengenai kondisi konflik dan kemiskinan. ""The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Terry G (au) wrote: Perfect telling of virginia wolfe. The past and present coexist. Mrs Dalloway knows that a successful party is as important as ecerything can be. Love watching this one every few years.

Daniel P (ru) wrote: An all-star cast, They got all the best NBA players (beside MJ) and john salley. Some how Salley is able to rally the knicks and puts them on the right track. Whoopi sucks as usual but the appearance of muggsy bouges and other NBA stars gives it a whole star.

David R (it) wrote: A brilliant ensemble comedy,filled with hilarious dialogue.One of Michael j.Fox,s "lesser" known movies that shows what greed can do to some people.This is an hidden gem of a film that,s ten times funnier than the so-called comedies that come out nowadays.

Tim H (mx) wrote: Excellent vampire flick combining some new ideas with old ones to create a great new hybrid.

Sarah G (us) wrote: Kids playin' gun-toting gangsters? Sounds great to me - and, after seeing this movie, I KNEW it was a good idea . . . especially with the casting of Jodie Foster. Man, what a woman!

Lyndall M (kr) wrote: love this movie 2 bits!!!

Guilherme N (jp) wrote: Astonishingly amusing

Francisco M (mx) wrote: Thought provoking movie around the time of WWII. A couple is mistakenly by the neighborhood as being Jewish. They are ignored, shunned until it escalates into violence. I was taken aback because I did not think they looked like Jews. Maybe I just don't know too much of what it is like in the East Coast where the movie takes place in that period of time. It was hard to relate to any of the characters, but not to the discrimination and violence. i liked the dialog between Macy and Paymer characters on why Macy hated Jews.

Chris R (de) wrote: It only took 9 years.

Brianna M (us) wrote: The ending...WHAT?! It left you saying WHAT?!

Zinc Z (ca) wrote: Pure garbage, should never have been done

Frances H (it) wrote: How telling that the critics loved it and the audience didn't. It was a huge box office bomb, and justly so. This had no funny parts to it at all. It was played straight and so was too dated for an 80s film. If it was trying to mock films from the 50s, it only succeeded in being a 50s film and a boring one with bad acting. It certainly didn't measure up to The Day The Earth Stood Still, which was playing on the TV in one scene. Just a bad movie.