Stefan and Kai have good going business, self-grown cannabis screened as pizza delivering service. For now they only have to deal with plant-louses.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:party,   drugs,   cannabis,  

Stefan and Kai have good going business, self-grown cannabis screened as pizza delivering service. For now they only have to deal with plant-louses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Davanh P (fr) wrote: Mira Sorvino - the curse of the OscarI thought this was a comedy at first...dreadful to depict a true story this way.

Tony W (es) wrote: Never seen Thai movie before. A little bit clumsy, but that was Thai movie, ain't Hollywood... so its OK.Over all its quite entertaining .. and funny too... But the thing who make this movie "alive" was the BTS engineer... :) ... Too bad no poster...!

Chandler V (es) wrote: I would say this is a ripoff of Crash, if it wasn't for the fact that both films were made in the same year. This film has its own merit, but I definitely prefer Crash better, as the meeting up of character storylines seems less contrived there than with this film.

Atul S (us) wrote: A beautiful movie ...

Peter C (us) wrote: One of my favorite kid movies

Paul D (gb) wrote: While this is certainly not in the best of the best category for animated films, it is still funny, and aesthetically pleasing enough to be worth watching at least once. Loved the voice work from Robin Williams in this one!

Michael P (gb) wrote: Thank goodness the dried up, pathetic denizens of Rotten Tomatoes really don't matter. As most of the movies they don't "like" it's a lot of fun and a good watch. Don't skip over this one because some hateful, grouchy, crusted up reviewer couldn't find any more joy in their heart.

Mohannad S (fr) wrote: "Rogue Trader" This movie is the true story of Nick Leeson (the fantastic Ewan McGregor), the employee who broke the oldest bank in England, the Bearings Bank. Nick is an ambitious young man, son of a simple man who works with plaster, transferred to Singapore to operate in future market of derivatives. He was considered the best employee of Bearing Banks, but indeed he was gambling with high amounts of the bank and hiding the losses under a secret account number 88888. There are at least three points to highlight in this movie.

Kaier H (au) wrote: Bad acting, terrible cgi effects, childish fighting sequences, good storylines and scripts, opening and ending was ok.

Johan V (fr) wrote: A superb low budget anarchistic SF comedy which can best be described as a mix between Terry Gilliam and John Waters.

Carlos I (au) wrote: Pretty cool little horror flick. Pretty fresh for the time. It was fun.

Troy F (ru) wrote: The title alone spikes some inevitable curiosity. Such a cheesy ass title, and the fact they made an Olympic gymnast an action hero was something so absurd that I had to see to believe. To be honest, the concept of a dangerous game and a gymnast fighter sounds rather kick ass in a stupid but fun way, but the execution here speaks otherwise. I'm sure Kurt Thomas is a nice guy in reality and he's got mad gymnast skills, but his acting here is stiff and the action is awfully redundant and his repetitive moves grow stale quickly. You suddenly realize how bad the idea of an Olympic star in a movie is when you watch this! There are some good laughs to be had though, from the strange editing transitions to the awful pacing of story and a handful of other things to pick at for your pleasure, and one particular sequence in a town full of crazies is so bizarre and strange you have to see it. For a marathon of bad 80's flicks, Gymkata is a must! For general viewing though, avoid it, its a terribly mediocre sleeper for an action flick.

Steve A (au) wrote: Preppy kids vs. everyone else. A kid hides out at a prep school gets a taste of life on the other side. It's typical of movies of this era but it is entertaining.

Donald W (de) wrote: This is a movie based on a book a Texas woman wrote about her Grandmother. It's got some good actors but they all forgot how to act in this movie. The props, sets, and costumes are all cheap. They did better on the old Forman Scottie TV adventures or the old Dr. Who shows. All the buildings were just two by four and one by eight pinewood sheds. All the filming was done outside or in the very cheap pinewood sets. The haircuts for the men were too long. It was filmed in the 1970's but why did they keep the 1970's haircuts for a story set in the 1910's. The story starts out in Oklahoma City right after statehood. That's nine years after the Spanish-American War. This story is set during the Mexican Revolution not the Spanish-American War. The woman the story is based on is married to a man who files a claim on a homestead in west Texas. He must have missed out on all the good homesteads in western Oklahoma to take a claim in southwest Texas. In the book he was a doctor but not in the movie. The first half of the movie is just depictions of the hardships they have to go through including the husband having his leg damaged in an accident in Oklahoma City. A cowboy comes to their homestead and helps them until he rides off with some Mexican bandits. He tells them he is from the Rio Grande valley near Mission, Texas. After giving up on ranching they sell their cattle and move by wagon to Mission, Texas. This is where the story loses its way. They start the movie with an attack by Mexicans on Mission, Texas in 1913. Then they do the rest of the movie as a flashback story starting in 1908 in Oklahoma City. We find out that the cowboy is a friend of Pancho Villa and has been smuggling guns to him. But Mission, Texas is in southern Texas near the eastern end of the Rio Grande. Pancho Villa was from north central Mexico south of New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. I never heard of Mission, Texas being burned by Mexicans in 1913. Just before the town is burned the woman's husband and the cowboy smuggle some Winchester rifles to Villa's men. In the real Mexican Revolution they were using bolt action rifles. On the way back they ambush and kill a German spy. The husband gets run over by the German's car and the cowboy is taken prisoner by the Mexican army. During the burning of the town the woman is taken to her husband's deathbed. After he dies she goes south to meet Pancho Villa. She convinces him to rescue the cowboy. There is a shootout with the Mexican Army and the cowboy is rescued. After they get back to the United States the cowboy goes to San Antonio to give a report to the U.S. Army on Pancho Villa and that's the end of the movie. During the movie there was an implied romantic rivalry between the cowboy and the husband. The husband also becomes a bitter drunk due to his bad leg but they really don't do a good job of bringing this out in the movie. This story had to be a fictionalized account of the raid on San Ygnacio, Texas by Mexicans in 1916. San Ygnacio is closer to Mission than any of the other raids that took place in Texas and New Mexico in 1916. In the movie they claimed it was the Mexican Army disguised as Villa's men that burned the town. The truth is no one knows who attacked San Ygnacio but Pancho Villa was over in New Mexico attacking Columbus, New Mexico. All the raids by Mexicans across the border in 1916 prompted President Wilson to send General Pershing and the U.S. Cavalry into Mexico to try to capture Pancho Villa. The Germans were interfering in the Mexican Revolution and offered to help the Mexican Government to invade the southwest United States. That was the real reason the U.S. declared war on Germany in 1917.