Lampião e Maria Bonita

Lampião e Maria Bonita

Depicts the last six months of Lampião and his wife Maria Bonita's lives, focusing on his both sides: a man who was the bloodthirsty gang leader and enemy of the authorities, while ...

Lampião, an outlaw living in the Northeast of Brazil, and his wife, Maria Bonita, kidnap an English geologist and ask for a ransom. While Brazilian Government and the British Embassy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lampião e Maria Bonita torrent reviews

scott j (gb) wrote: Great cast...but sadly a rather boring film...story is rubbish...problem is the film was very slow and its only at the end your get into the movie....and by then it's too late...


Tony B (au) wrote: some great ideas, the story was ok, but this movie has some of the worst editing i have ever seen

Maram S (gb) wrote: IT'S pretty good,but too much darky.

Emiliano R (br) wrote: Sin tener un conflicto que trame como hilo conductor, la pelcula nos hace testigos de la cotidianeidad estancada y sucia de una familia. Graciela Borges y Mercedes Morn, formidables como siempre.

Stephanie L (kr) wrote: L'amore vero trionfa sempre.... :-)

Will L (gb) wrote: The action is pretty good, and there's actually some fairly interesting character-driven drama. However, it's also filled with hokey dialogue, and it lacks the imagination of the previous films. It's worth watching, though.

MEC r (mx) wrote: I liked the accent Jennifer Lopez has in this movie. She usually sounds more American. Nice change.

shannon a (it) wrote: there's alot of this sort of movie isn't there

jay n (es) wrote: A relic of its time this poorly conceived so called comedy coupled with Sweet Charity and several other losers killed off Shirley's film career the first time around. Within two years she was finished on screen and was out of pictures for almost a decade until her comeback in The Turning Point. This is one of the unfortunate crop of late 60's movies that tried to cash in on the so called youth wave with the overuse of psychedelic colors and disjointed scenes rather than a cohesive script. The desired effect whatever that was is not achieved, all that is accomplished is to bore the audience and leave them with eye strain from the overdone color scheme. Skip it!

Shawn T (kr) wrote: Such a good movie. Jean-Paul Belmondo makes me want to wear a suit everyday.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Gorgeous cinematography, lighting, and visual composition. A strong opening and a strong closing. I between, it founders in a "romance" about a girl helplessly drawn to a prick. Sadly, the movie's greatest strength - the imagery - is significantly undone by the low resolution digital package touring the US as part of the "Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema" retrospective.

Ileana A (nl) wrote: I really don't linke musicals... watched this because of Audrey. There's not enough connection with Fred Astaire to say it's a love movie. In addition, there was a blooper at the beginning of the film, where Audrey is at the library and looking at the mirror you can see a man upstairs (filming camera men). They didn't watch the angles for correct shooting.

matthew b (ca) wrote: This is a nonstop thrill ride that takes place in a prison where it is survival of the fittest.