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Landet som icke är


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Ryan S (br) wrote: Not the best B-movie, but it's full of B thrills and laughs that make it a fun enough ride.

Spencer H (br) wrote: Nice movie with a little romance thrown into it, it has great performances by everyone.

Donna L (kr) wrote: Not a bad sci-fi horror, although I didn't find it scary.

Ian M (nl) wrote: This movie is soooooo bad you wanna get a bunch of pom poms, and lots of them, then put them around the actresses all tied up together and light it. And that's after you've slowly tortured the effects guy and shown him what blood and gore REALLY should look like!!

(nl) wrote: All that's missing is the line "You got a purdy mouth."

Shelly S (mx) wrote: An excellent film that leaves you questioning the way you view others. Very moving and well done. Extraordinary acting as well.

Sonya W (es) wrote: Now this is a weird cast...

Steve P (au) wrote: NOTE: This film was recommended to me by Bethany Rose for the "Steve Pulaski Sees It."Perhaps if released in the late 1980's, or even the 1990's, George Mihalka's My Bloody Valentine would've been a film many slasher fans would've sneered at; it would've likely been a film dismissed as "more of the same" in a genre unwilling to subvert its more predictable principles to become something greater. Being released in 1981, however, when the slasher film was still a fairly new concept, My Bloody Valentine is actually a very significant for the time period. It's one of the few films of that era that didn't spawn a legion of sequels, let alone even a followup, and managed to tell its story and wrap it up without the feeling that it needed to build a cult of support and development around its pickaxe-wielding killer. It's a film that tells its story and leaves its mark.The story is set in the small town of Valentine Bluffs, which is preparing for a Valentine's Day dance, the first in man years. A working class town where most men work as coal miners, the Valentine's Day dance was a popular event in the town before a mining accident occurred twenty years before. On-the-job negligence resulted in five men being trapped underground amidst dangerous level of methane gas. While four of the miners died, one survivor named Harry Warden survived through cannibalistic acts and was eventually rescued. A year later, after never being seen again, Harry exacted revenge on the supervisors that were responsible for the accident, killing them both and slicing through their chests to extract their hearts, which he left in Valentine boxes to be found; he warned Valentine Bluffs never to hold another dance again.With Harry being locked in an asylum and a new generation of spry young kids wanting to commemorate Valentine's Day with a dance, the town complies and hosts another dance. Once again, as foreshadowed by a few of the older townspeople, murders begin happening by a man in a gas-mask wielding a pickaxe; Harry has presumably returned to avenge a town that has disobeyed his only wish.My Bloody Valentine is rather dark and methodical for a slasher film, unwilling to commit to a more light-hearted aura like many of its successors would. Its fabulously paced score of synths and melodic music, composed by Paul Zaza creates actual suspense in conjunction with Mihalka's direction, which is filled with original camera-angles. Consider the closeups we see of the murderer, and the utterly gruesome deaths we see with an unblinking eye. Mihalka was going for something completely frightening and unapologetically terrifying with the mood he creates here, and it isn't until one sees this film after watching more comical entries into the genre that they realize what a breakthrough this film was, staying true to slasher films' original roots of being frightening, atmospheric, and tense.The narrative is just believable enough to keep one watching, as it's not crafted in total randomness, and the deaths are just brutal enough to warrant some legitimate scares or jolts. Seasoned horror fans and cult followers will take note that pressures from the MPAA forced Mihalka to edit and scale-back his film significantly in the gore-department, and Mihalka's original cut, despite being filmed, has never been released to the public. An extended cut was released on DVD to coincide with the film's remake in 2009, adding three minutes to the film's original version, despite never releasing the completely untampered original.With that, My Bloody Valentine is a particularly strong slasher because, for one, it recognizes its genre and respectfully handles its scares and its material, and secondly, plays along with the tropes by making this a heavily stylized slasher in aesthetic and atmosphere. It manages to be gruesome quite often, but elegant throughout, and with such a brutal concept, it's surprising that the result is so quaint.Starring: Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, and Neil Affleck. Directed by: George Mihalka.

TheMumblelover (ag) wrote: This film is well directed and acted and there's some memorable scenes in the film and at times its quite dark but after a while the starts to bore and I didn't care for the characters after the first half of the film, shame cos there was something there, the plot and script I think was the problem.