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Walter M (mx) wrote: "Peter and Vandy" is an endearingly perceptive movie that makes great use of New York City locations, especially the overhead shot of the benches. Told in a nonsequential fashion, the movie does a good job of showing how a relationship may not always survive the initial attraction. Take Peter(Jason Ritter) and Vandy(Jess Weixler) for example. They meet sort of cute one day during lunch when she has jury duty. The first meeting when he approaches her does not go off that well, but the second one does with an assist from the New York Times crossword puzzle. But that's about the only time they are on the same page. Usually their not being in sync comes down to differences in appetites, be they gastronomic or carnal.(There's also an inference that they come from and are heading to different places.) While eating outside may usually be a fine idea, doing so during winter is not an especially appealing one.

Tom H (fr) wrote: A stylish and comprehensive discovery of the inescapable typeface.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: Now I didn't actually mind this run of the mill action movie about the origins of the Dracula myth. There's not many scares and the plot doesn't really hold any surprises but it passes the time reasonably enough without too many lags. Charles Dance makes an effective vampire and though a bit on the wooden side, Luke Evans looks the part as Vlad Dracul.

Lucky S (ag) wrote: it was pretty good...ok i guess...

Melissa H (ca) wrote: "Mr. and Mrs. Hoofer at Home" is a great dance piece with Vera and Fred. The story is a little weaker than others (yes, even on musical standards), but Red Skelton keeps it fresh.

Eamonn D (mx) wrote: Mutiny on the bounty... with horses

Fran W (au) wrote: Great film. I would describe it as being the ultimate episode of "Law & Order".

Tim R (es) wrote: A masterpiece of thrilling high energy entertainment! One of the most epic and mind blowing action adventures of our time!

Sheila M (fr) wrote: This was very funny greatovie

Joel A (nl) wrote: A terrific atmospheric Woody Allen film that I thoroughly enjoyed & made me laugh many times.The story of Woody's character being waken up in the middle of the night to work with a vigilante group after a serial killer.Filled with beautiful atmosphere & shots & the use of the fog is fantastic. Woody is fantastic as his usual Neurotic Self & this film is a real riot. Like many of his films very over the top but enjoyable.