Ten short unrelated stories that move chronologically through Slovakia's twentieth-century history as seen from the perspective of life in small towns and villages.

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Joe C (us) wrote: decent laughs and some funny characters.

Antnio M (au) wrote: While it has really intense visual style (Ibez started as an animator), Hierro is crushingly dull and, by the time the story starts to deliver its goods, you're already too bored to care.

Kim E (nl) wrote: its about vampires common... :) Hell yeah i wanna see it

Jennie R (gb) wrote: While not a bad movie, it is completely forgettable. If you like French films, then you might want to check it out. It is set in Paris and has a very French feel to it. I did like the soundtrack to the film.

Matt A (nl) wrote: Strange movie. Basically porn lol

Lorelei S (it) wrote: This is a fantastic film. Well written and well acted by both the main characters and the supporting actors. This film harkens back to the classic films of yesterday with its witty banter and sizzling repartee. Ms. Moore and Mr. Brosnan turn in performances touching and romantic, elevated from the sugary and saccharine by the sharp and pointed chemistry shared by our protagonists. At a time in film history when we indulge in no character study or one so deep and dully filled with pathos as to make a storyline all but impossible, the script in this film focuses on the characters of this smart and funny gem while still allowing the story to continue and grow without being overwhelmed. If you want to see a current film that holds its own when in compared to the best the past has to offer, watch this. You'll come back to it again and again. So get out the Snowballs and the tequila and enjoy. Huevos de Chivo!

James C (jp) wrote: Not up there but with a watch.

Markus M (de) wrote: The acting is off, the plot makes no sense, and the portrayal of the one black person in the film is one of the more over-the-top racist things I've seen in a film in a while. But the whole hair metal thing the film has going on is awesome, and despite the film not being good it's still really fun to watch. Heck, I'll probably wind up watching it again. Hilariously dumb is the best way to describe this film.5,8/10

Suy E (fr) wrote: Easily in the top 10 best horror movies. A truly frightening experience when I saw this film in the theater. Masterfully eerie, gets under your skin and you can't stop thinking about It for days after viewing it. Another John Carpenter masterpiece.

Carlos M (au) wrote: A powerful and thought-provoking historical drama that makes us feel like traveling back in time with its astonishing visuals while at the same time offers us an intelligent narrative that raises incredibly compelling and rewarding discussions about science and religion.

Frances H (mx) wrote: How anyone could take this movie seriously is a joke. It's more like the 50s Godzilla movies out of Japan than anything else, which makes it just as hilarious today. How anyone could call this a melodrama is beyond me, because what it is is a farce, that doesn't even make sense from the beginning. That this "game" could be an effective way of controlling young people is ludicrous. The movie shows the media making a big deal of the winner of one of these contests, and the threat might be effective, except that the kids in the bus going to be the next participants seem to never have heard of it and find the idea outrageous. How are all the kids in Japan kept from knowing what is going on, if it's all over the media, as the beginning suggests. Although this flick pre-dates The Hunger Games, the author used the theme a great deal better. In the books , the games are a form of torture for the outlying districts that rebelled against the central government, not to control school kids, who would just rebel more at knowing what might randomly be ahead of them. But everything in this flick is sooooo bad, that it's funny, from the fake way the kids die, to the very poor use of classical music at weird and untimely moments, to the nonsensical actions of everybody involved. Seeing this film after seeing The Hunger Games trilogy just makes this film funnier than ever in contrast.This movie isn't dark, it's just comedic in its disastrous attempt to be serious. Kurosawa mist be rolling over in his grave.