Larceny, Inc.

Larceny, Inc.

Three ex-cons buy a luggage shop to tunnel into the bank vault next door. But despite all they can do, the shop prospers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey B (mx) wrote: Great follow up, I honestly wasn't sure how they were gonna pull off a sequel, but Disney found a way.

Akasha T (ca) wrote: Bad acting. Bad script. Bad sound recording and editing. Hardly based on a true story, but claims to be. Entirely predictable and contrived.

Michael C (it) wrote: For Fans Of: The other side of Daniel Craig Date Night: No Art Factor: High Fun Factor: None Emotional Factor: Low Intelligence Required: Low Essential Viewing: No The Plot: A freak accident brings about strange revalations in one Englishman's life. My Take: People, if you are looking for something uplifting I suggest you move right along past this bleak affair. Daniel Craig turns in a superb performance that shows a different type of range than we are used to seeing from him. In particular, the air of vulnerability that surrounds his character is something that I personally had yet to see Craig give us in a performance. Bill Nighy is terrific as usual, but also as usual is underused which is par for the shit course. Rhys Ifans, who always plays characters which are a bit made or disillusioned does nothing here that is shocking, but does reaffirm the fact that he might be one of the best character actors active today. Such a shame that most people still don't know who he is or why the people who do love him so much. Director Roger Mitchell has crafted a beautiful looking film. All the scenes have an almost dreamlike quality to there presentation and will impress most students of film. A particular shout out must be made to his use of shadows and to impressive jump cuts. Jump cuts are one of the most over used and worst executed tricks of the modern filmmaker but here we find great examples of how they can be subtly applied to just the right affect without throwing off the general visual direction of the film. The story is really interesting and does keep you guessing at what will come next for our central character. Sadly, the short coming for this particular film is the pacing. There are points where it just slows to a maddening crawl. I love slow building film, but even I have my breaking point. Lesson learned here, don't mistake slow burn build for just plain old slow as a filmmaker. I would tell only the most patient of film viewers to give this weighty one a go.

Jeremy H (au) wrote: ..Yes it is one of the best basketball movies in the 90's...

Jeff D (br) wrote: Until this randomly popped up in QuickRate I had completely forgotten that this movie existed.

Christopher C (de) wrote: An enjoyable bank heist thriller.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: I'm so clean that it's disgusting.In 1870 California it is the wild west and gold is flowing. Roy Colt and Winchester Jack are close friends, but they find themselves on the opposite side of the law and the opposite side of a girl's heart. They will work together to get out of some bad situations and finally have a final duel over the gold and girl."You killed the driver? Now I have to drive too!"Mario Bava, director of Kill, Baby, Kill; A Bay of Blood; The Evil Eye; Black Sunday; Blood Brides; Planet of the Vampires; Black Sabbath; and Blood and Black Lace, delivers Roy Colt and Winchester Jack. The storyline for this picture is interesting and unfolds well. I enjoyed the dialogue and thought the acting was solid. The cast includes Brett Halsey, Mariluo Tolo, Charles Southwood, and Federico Boido. "We herby elect you sheriff."I came across this Mario Bava film and couldn't wait to watch a rare non-horror film by Bava. I thought the film was very well done and entertaining. If you're a fan of the slapstick fun classic westerns, this is a must see. I felt this was better than many of Bava's horror films. I recommend giving this a shot. "Sometimes I scare myself."Grade: B

Lynn L (jp) wrote: I haven't seen this since it was released. Now I am introducing my grandkids to a great Disney Movie.

Jordan R (ag) wrote: A great, fun film of epic proportions. Freddy clearly knows what he's become, and 100% owns it in this final chapter of the original Elm Street films.