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Wilman A (ru) wrote: Very nice romance. Unique plot, awkwardly and fresh screenplay, good insight . A romance which break all cliche romance this day . Love it !

Andy F (mx) wrote: This is a perfect example of why television is better than film in modern times. Despite it being a gruesome true story, there is little empathy or engagement with any of the characters and it plays as a fairly pedestrian serial killer by numbers movie. You have to ask, what was the point?

Grant H (de) wrote: Though this great script loses steam toward the end, Sean Penn portrays a troubled has-been ex-pat musician, engrossed with numerous flaws. I found myself turn slowly from mocking & laughing at Cheyenne and his absurd personality & foibles, to empathizing him and his mission to right the wrongs of his familial debt & act of dishonor upon his father. Completely blown away by this film - and Penn especially - as this black comedy & drama is a real diamond in the rough.

Christine J (es) wrote: Has the same feel of experimentation, sexual tension, quiet anxiety, and surrender of Y Tu Mama Tambien. Jason Day holds his own in this story about a 20-something young man escaping and leaving town to search for inner peace and closure after his father commits suicide.

EmilyJane H (fr) wrote: wow. that sounds so cr*p

Walter M (us) wrote: "Manufactured Landscapes" is a moderately interesting documentary about Edward Burtynsky who specializes in taking photographs of industry and manufacturing in an attempt to warn against the environmental depletion of the planet. The film itself is mainly focused on China which is in the process of transforming itself from an agrarian society to an industrial power. There are consequences to this course of action, especially in the displacement of the population and increased pollution. As urgent as "Manufactured Landscapes" might try to be, there is little here that we have not seen before.(The exception being the shipwreck beach in Bangladesh which itself could have been the setting for an entire documentary.) Yes, that's a truly awesome trackintg shot that opens the movie but it does little to capture the scale of a factory(and I've been in buildings that large, anyway) and actually becomes a game of seeing which workers notice the camera. Likewise, there have been other films that have covered the Three Gorges Dam in greater detail.

tonii w (de) wrote: soooo interesting and awesome dude check it out!!

Alfia T (au) wrote: ?????? "?????????? ????????" ? "?????????? ??????????", ?????? ??????? ?????????? ? ????? ???-????.

Fong K (it) wrote: Imagined in a conversation of two contrasting outlooks on life, two parallel love stories of the same titular character develop and intertwine frivolously to illustrate mighty Aphrodite's fickle temperament.

Reid V (de) wrote: While I love Morris, this is not one of his most impressive documentaries. While it does feature an oddly fascinating cast of characters, it could have used a bit more focus. Something to tie these disparate subjects together. Again, Morris does not mock his interviewees. True to it's name, this film is about the lives of the inhabitants of Vernon Florida. Although it may not be as enthralling as the Thin Blue Line or the Fog of War, it is still definitely worth checking out.

Paul C (mx) wrote: "You cant have a tap fitter doing a waste-pipe fitter's job! - All out" The Carry On team take on the Unions stranglehold on British industry in the 70's may not be considered among their finest, but it is one of my personal favourites.

Dann M (us) wrote: A convoluted mess, Four Rooms is a black comedy based on a series of short stories by Roald Dahl. Broken into 4 parts, the film follows a hotel bellhop who gets drawn into the wacky antics of several guests while doing his rounds on New Year's Eve. Each segment features a different writer/director (two of whom include Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino), and have differing tones and styles; which can be disjointing at times. However, the all-star cast, which includes Tim Roth, Madonna, Jennifer Beals, Antonio Banderas, Marisa Tomei, and Bruce Willis, is rather impressive and gives some good performances. But unfortunately Four Rooms just doesn't work, and comes off as a bunch of thrown together nonsense that's not all that interesting or funny.

Agustn S (ca) wrote: While it's tonal shifts do bring down the overall experience; SAFFTEOTW, much like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, manages to be touching and funny throught while having a slightly resonant message and personality, and as a plus, having Carell's and Knightley's performance to be worth the watch.