Larin izbor: Izgubljeni princ

Larin izbor: Izgubljeni princ

'Lara's Choice: The lost prince' is a 2012 Croatian movie based on the popular television show 'Lara's choice'. The plot is a direct continuation of the first season finale.

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Stephen C (gb) wrote: If like me you knew Creation records for Priaml Scream and Oasis this documentary shows how much more thei was to this label. Alan McGees label gave us some of the most amazing music of the last 20 years and McGee himself became the cebtre of a music revolution. Thats not to say he wasnt an angel ,he became an arrogant Malcom McClaren wannabe who enjoyed taking drugsand risks before he burnt out during the height of Oasis mania. What the film puts across is just how on the foot decisions were made ,for example letting My Bloody Valentine almost bankrupt the label with the mastepiece that was Loveless. And hows drugs and in fighting destroyed the Brilliant band house of Love. Of Course Oasis were the labels biggest act and of course Noel Gallagher is his usual funny self. But the label also gave us Ride,The Boo Radleys and my personal faves The Super Furry Animals ,whos music still pushes bondaries today. A film which delivers in both sound and vision and made me want to dig out my copy of the Furrie second Album Radiator

Elaine Z (jp) wrote: although some plots seem too simple and unrealistic, in general the script is brilliant.

Johan G (nl) wrote: Surprisingly good kids movie - better than the two preceding films for sure. My daughter has watched this probably 25 times since we got the DVD, and I've been forced to watch it with her at least a third of those times, and I can still stand the movie, so that must count for something!

Victor M (kr) wrote: From Wikipedia " Although a failure at the Indian box office, it was successful overseas and received universal critical acclaim and a cult following from Indian and other South Asian audiences around the world.[2][3] The film was featured on Rediff's list of the 10 Best Bollywood Films of the decade."

Rash H (ca) wrote: I often have to question whether or not I have actually seen this - and often I find myself following suite with another perplexing riddle: Why, why, and why?

Valria V (es) wrote: The story is good, based on real events. But the film is slow.

Paul W (kr) wrote: In all honestly this movie sucks but it's a great movie to watch with friends if you're talking over it and or getting drunk. I don't have anything against Andrew McCarthy but he's definitely not built for action movies. If you're anything like me then you're rooting for the bad guy, and that is what makes this movie somewhat enjoyable.

Connor G (mx) wrote: Gary Oldman was good, the music was used well, and the cinematography was beautiful, but the whole thing wasn't interesting at all.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: Classic Takeshi crime film packed with amusing gags in between the brutal violence.

Chris M (au) wrote: A middle-aged woman (Kathleen Turner), who has just divorced her high school boyfriend (Nicolas Cage), attends her high school class reunion and then gets transported back in time to when she was a teenager in 1960. Given that she has learned much more since she was in high school, she takes advantage of this unexpected time warp by correcting the mistakes that she has made in the past in Francis Ford Coppola's Peggy Sue Got Married. Kathleen Turner is convincing as a 43-year-old woman who is trapped inside her own 18-year-old body, but I wish the main narrative was less meandering and more simplified. This picture could have had some potential had it not been for its broad storytelling.

Galen P (us) wrote: This movie contains just about every genre there is. Including amazing action choreography. All three leading ladies are great, Brigitte Lin is excellent as always.

Nerses T (au) wrote: Apart from the amazing visual aspects of the film and the director's decision to cast unknown actors for the lead roles and forced visible bad acting (again, the direction's decision as I see it), the story carries messages meaningful not only to the previous generation, but also the current youth, as today more is said than done and, after all, the sadness is the hypocrate fate prepared for every member of the hypocratic society of these days.

Alex B (es) wrote: Sophisticated, thrilling, fascinating. Kind of like the dark side of Trouble in Paradise. Joan Crawford is brilliant.

Christina C (it) wrote: A decent Western about the rivalry between an elderly cattle rancher's no-good son, and his honourable adopted son (a plot I'm sure I've seen elsewhere). It's given a little more oomph by the two leads. Burt Lancaster is the almost-too-perfect adopted son Owen Daybright, running the gamut from charming to kickass to conflicted and brooding (and amusingly keeping his broad NY accent right through). Robert Walker, in one of his last roles, is the cheating, lying, double-crossing biological son Lee Strobie - allegedly the role that got him his legendary part in Hitch's "Strangers on a Train", and beginning to show that same captivating menace. Genre standby John Ireland delivers his usual charismatic bad-boy performance, too. The film's view of its female characters is actually pretty progressive, which is good to see. However, the love story with Joanne Dru doesn't exactly take off, especially as the boys leave for the hills halfway through the film - allowing for some quite beautiful classic Western scenes, including one striking shot of a long string of cattle under the line of a cliff. The showdown at the end, and the resolution after, seems somewhat truncated however. All-in-all, an entertaining if not outstanding Western.

Amanda C (es) wrote: Ginger Snaps is probably the most accurate and perfect film about female puberty ever made. The werewolf metaphor is pitch perfect and manages to capture the fear and uncertainty of everything that's going on. Ginger Snaps captures all of it, while also managing to be sarcastic and fun. It goes off the rails at the end a bit, but the lead up is so great this hardly matters.

Kristen P (mx) wrote: This movie was actually wonderful. Beautiful story and a standout performance from Carlos Pratts.