Larry Flynt: The Right to Be Left Alone

Larry Flynt: The Right to Be Left Alone

A documentary that celebrates and examines an unabashed vulgarian.

A documentary that celebrates and examines an unabashed vulgarian. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (gb) wrote: The much talked about "a fault in our stars" takes viewers on an emotional journey, depicting an unlikely couple that quickly become attached to one anther. Scenes are intense, emotional and romantic yet occasionally humorous and lighthearted - everything you could hope for in a romantic drama really. Viewers will instantly become absorbed in the storyline that perhaps does not develop as the viewer expects. The final scenes are certainly emotional and depict a truly real life scenario and dilema for the audience to contend with. It's thought provoking heights assist its rating in posing long lasting questions to its viewers. If you're looking for an emotional, romantic drama look no further.

Skylar S (de) wrote: Exceptional movie!!! Loved it

Ana R (ru) wrote: Este film ayuda a recuperar la esperanza en el cine espanyol... Sin embargo... Me estresa muchisimo.

Elin G (es) wrote: An idea that usually works well for me, political satire and more or less subtile critisism of our modern society. But this movie doesn't really wrap things up for me, there is to much going on and the focus is lost. There are a couple of great characters, great performances and great lines, but over all I got a "weekday late night on an off chanal-vibe". Not a particulray good vibe.

Kendra K (it) wrote: I want to dance like that too, I love street dancing...but there are barely any b-girls in this film, sad.

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Shane J (de) wrote: Despite a decent cast the 3 tales just aren't that interesting

Sarfara A (us) wrote: Death Hunt directed by Peter Hunt. A fictionalized account of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) manhunt of a man named Albert Johnson. Starring Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin. This is second film of two of Cinema's versatile actors who appeared together since The Dirty Dozen. Albert Johnson (Charles Bronson) a trapper living in the Yukon in the 1930s. He rescues a badly injured white German Sheperd from dogfight from a dogfight after paying 200 bucks to its owner forcibly. He is reported to Sgt. Edgar Millen (Lee Marvin) after the owner receives bloodbath for retrieving back his dog. Finally Millen besieges Albert's cabin. There is a grand opening-scene, one that sends chills across your body. Being a great fan of movies set in iced-lands, I was excited whole time, just to think about the two great men together on the screen. I have always praised and respected Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin. I was simply speechless much of the time to figure, who should I weigh in for, but unfortunately it was never decided and I was lucky to get a marvelous ending. Still a better movie!

Marilena G (ru) wrote: A bit of a depressing theme, but the acting makes up for it. Not bad.

Matthew M (fr) wrote: While I admire the story, animation, and characters, I wish the jokes were stronger.

Brian B (ag) wrote: The first film to pair director Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood was the 1968 release "Coogan's Bluff." They would go on to make six films together including the film that made Eastwood a superstar "Dirty Harry." Eastwood's directing style is also largely indebted to Siegal. Both men like to shot at a fast pace, trusting their instincts and their collaborators. In some ways,the character of Arizona Deputy Sheriff Walt Coogan is a prototype for Harry Callahan, they share a ask questions later take on police work and sneering dislike for big-city bureaucracy, but this is a lighter picture.The film gets most of its comedic mileage from its fish-out-of-water elements, whether Coogan is encountering cheating taxi drivers, big-city tough guys, or goofy hippies. The NYC police are primarily represented by Lee J. Cobb's hard-nosed Lt. McElroy, and while his character is a bit of a stereotype, he manages to imbue it with some personality. Susan Clark provides the requisite romantic interest as probation officer Julie Roth, and while some of their interludes are a little on the dull side, she is a bit of a spark plug who puts an interesting spin on her dialogue. Action sequences are solid, with a spirited, messy pool hall fight and a motorcycle chase as highlights. Its impressions of the hippie scene, on the other hand, feel more than a little out of touch - like a forty-something screenwriter's idea of what a hippie club would be like. "Coogan's Bluff" is a flawed, minor Eastwood picture, but still interesting, primarily for its place in his iconography; we see him tinkering with his image, moving away from the cowboy image of his television work and Spaghetti westerns and into a more brutal, urban landscape.Plus it points to great things in store for the Siegel/Eastwood combination.