Las aventuras de Pikín

Las aventuras de Pikín


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fish,  

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Las aventuras de Pikín torrent reviews

Tyler S (es) wrote: Ouch that was painful.

Matthew R (br) wrote: good film definitely better than part one the only thing I didn't like was the joker the guy who did the voice didn't sound good

Ian K (ag) wrote: Predictable but fun!!!

Gareth J (ca) wrote: Wish I wasn't a white middle class male so I could have a reason for being.

Arthur L (jp) wrote: I didnt see the point of this film. Just an 1:49 hour of violence and a story line that had no meaning. Definately one to miss.

Christopher Y (ag) wrote: Where "Them!" meets "Tremors". Not nearly as good as either, but surprisingly decent and tremendously goofy Saturday night B-movie fare.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Any screenwriter who has researched the sport of boxing could instantly tell moviegoers their favorite fight flick, be it Raging Bull, Requiem for a Heavyweight, or Million Dollar Baby. Explaining the ?why,? however, would prove a less quick-footed answer?-due in part to the argument that said movies are not fight flicks but, rather, a bio-pic/character study/morality play. The same could be said of valiant effort Resurrecting the Champ, which is more an essay on journalistic integrity than boxing. Though not a good fight flick (or good flick period, for that matter), this fumble-footed ?true story? fights hard to win. Rounded out with too many questionable choices (direction, editing, casting), however, the movie ends up on the ropes. In the PG-13-rated Resurrecting the Champ, a struggling sports writer (Hartnett) believes that a homeless man (Jackson) could be a once-great boxing champion. From the outset, Hartnett?s sports writer is accused of having no actual substance or style behind his words, which, ironically, also defines the underlying problem with Resurrecting the Champ. Though based on an actual experience, nothing smacks of authenticity. Supporting players Alan Alda and David Paymer act rings around Hartnett, Jackson?s forced nasally delivery astounds more than endears, the script gives children the voice of a young adult, and - worse yet - the movie doesn't know when to end. Director Rod Lurie even includes an entire scene starring Teri Hatcher as a TV exec who outright states the plainly obvious moral dilemma facing the writer?-a scene that clearly could have been excised. Bottom line: Fair to middleweight.

Firdaous A (it) wrote: Amazing ..Andy Garcia Uniiiique

Roberta P (kr) wrote: "We all start off in life with a dream, don't we? For a tennis player, it's being in the final of a Grand Slam, Centre Court, a high lob... a smash. Game, set and match. You're a champion. You're number one. But for most tennis players, that's all it ever is: a dream. The reality is another story. My story. Now, you see that good-looking fella? No, no that kid in white, the other tired good-looking fella. Yeah, him. Well, that's me. British Davis Cup, long time ago. Two singles titles, even longer ago. Presently ranked 119th in the world. Sport is cruel. I know it doesn't sound too bad: four million tennis players in the world and I'm the 119th, but what that really means is this: 118 guys out there are faster, stronger, better and younger... and it gets you thinking. These young guys: where do they get the energy, the focus? No fear. The one thing you can't have is fear, and for the first time in my life, I'm afraid. Not of losing. I'm not even afraid of the kid. I'm afraid of what happens if that ball keeps going by me. What happens than?"

Brandon W (de) wrote: When the movie first told me that it's not based on the books as there is no book about his young life, I got worried, but curious to wonder what they were going to do with it. They actually did a great job of making it feel like s Sherlock Holmes movie. I was worried that the young actor, who plays Sherlock Holmes, is not going to be a good Sherlock Holmes as Robert Downey J.R is perfect to play as him. But even though the actor is not as great as J.R, Nicholas Rowe is really good in this and has got the detective looks for it. Alan Cox who plays Watson is good too, but he can be annoying sometimes which is not in a good way. The movie is smart, the plot is like a good detective story, even if it is predictable. The effects are really good, very creative, and never seem to be the main focus of the movie. Barry Levinson and Chris Columbus did a great job of making an original Sherlock Holmes movie and focus on the details that might be clues like the other Sherlock Holmes movies, even if it isn't perfect.

Amanda S (de) wrote: Why did I do this. It's terrible. Who allowed this to happen. Ugh.

Michael C (nl) wrote: loved going to start reading the books

Robert W (it) wrote: Definitely the most unintentionally funny film ever. OMG, best this is Trumps favourite film