Two childhood friends (Rivera and Mendoza) re-encounter when one of them, a famous soccer player who didn't have time to hang out with the other, gets injured. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Las cartas del gordo torrent reviews

Ben T (jp) wrote: A cute and beautifully drawn animated movie that has a great voice cast

Timothy N (gb) wrote: Exceptional on every level.

Jason K (gb) wrote: The violence is good. The story is bad.

Mark D (es) wrote: One of the laziest and most boring excuses for a Biblical epic I've seen.

Richard D (gb) wrote: This is an undeniably well-made film. It looks great and has some really good performances. There's no excuse for it's 2 1/2 hour running time as it has a tendency to hopelessly meander when it would be better to get to the point, but that's not a giant flaw. The film does have one giant flaw though ... it's a hopelessly muddle-headed irresponsible film that glorifies a delusional, self-destructive idiot. That's a pretty big flaw. What's puzzling about the film is that Penn seems to understand on some level that McCandless is delusional. McCandless rails against his parents, but as depicted in the film, they seem a bit unhappy and stodgy, but basically good people. The film repeatedly shows you people happily living lives outside the mainstream, but refuses to acknowledge that this strongly implies that McCandless's self-destructive odyssey is hopelessly wrong-headed. This is essentially "Grizzly Man" made by somebody who refuses to acknowledge that it's protagonist is crazy.

Morgan D (us) wrote: This movie got me watching comedy movies again after being proclaimed "funniest movie ever" ( says Bob of the Bob and Tom show) well, I'd say maybe of this generation.

Rich S (nl) wrote: A real family dealing with real problems in a very real way. There is enough humor and heart that you can't help but forgive the Fitzgeralds' selfishness and occasional poor judgement. It's a miracle to find a holiday movie low in sap and high in brains, and Burns organizes a Christmas worth celebrating.

Ed T (es) wrote: Holy smokes. Unbelievable.