Las infieles

Las infieles

Governess falls in love with the uncle of the children she's teaching. Then complications.

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David J (au) wrote: Acting is pretty bad and the plot isn't as clever as I would have wanted. I didn't have high expectations and I wasn't surprised by what I got.

Stuart P (de) wrote: Kind of stupid, but watchable and passes the time.

Jovanna F (gb) wrote: Omari Hardwick's character was so mean :(

Christopher Y (kr) wrote: Like a master class on how to stage a play in NYC; Kushner talks playwriting, plus a peek at rehearsal process with Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep. Not to be missed by theatre lovers."Process is clunky."-Meryl Streep

Richard D (ca) wrote: Footage is awkwardly edited to create a clearly fictional story. As a result, nothing is credible. Tons of walrus fart jokes really set the tone.

david d (it) wrote: please send me this movie

Mike A (fr) wrote: As close to reality as you can get without being a documentary.

Vadim D (jp) wrote: An entertaining and thrilling movie with a great cast. Still an exciting watch. Wolfgang Petersen is not the greatest film maker ever, but he is capable of handling action sequences very well.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: ***Tim Burton returns to make a good sequel to his original classic, however I think they went too far with the Penguin. There's creepy, and then there's uncomfortable, and this movie pushed towards the latter.

Misha K (br) wrote: Didn't like this film, turned it off after about half an hour.

Mike M (au) wrote: Pudovkin here mixes up widescreen set-pieces with intimate devotional rituals, and traces of the ethnography that had become popular with "Nanook of the North" and would be seen again, seventy-odd years later, in the Mongolia-filmed "The Story of the Weeping Camel" and "The Story of the Yellow Dog".

Markus M (mx) wrote: The film has a great cast which makes it entertaining, but the overall cheesy and cheap aesthetic keeps it from ever feeling epic and believable enough to actually be engaging. What serves the parody and the plot thus ends up depriving the film of a believable emotional core, which can be just as important in a comedy as it is in other more "serious" genres.7-/10

Henrysmovieguide C (kr) wrote: MINORITY REPORT was overall pretty good. Some parts were brutal or confusing, but it was a really good idea. Really good.