Las vidas de Celia

Las vidas de Celia


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Jordon J (us) wrote: This type of film has been redone time & time again but this one for being low budget & straight to dvd isn't actually half bad i didn't mind it,I say RENT IT!!!

Chad J (fr) wrote: Amusing Movie, set in Coastal Louisiana, with 3 str8 couples who try an Orgy.

Terry C (us) wrote: Very slow to get started, if yo can ever say it started! There was no ending either!!!

Cody B (au) wrote: Wasn't amazing, but was better than I was expecting. Decent action sequences, if a little fuzzy on plot.

Cecilia B (de) wrote: Great insight into the drama of being an immigrant, and to the darker side of the rather oftentimes comically-portrayed Australian outback.

Lillian A (au) wrote: It is so sweet and simple and yet brilliant, excellent cast, they seem very real and natural. Full of good messages. I loved it!

dipalkumar c (ru) wrote: nice story...........

vyuuhhbvgbhbh n (de) wrote: I love this film, it's funny and it's a female thing was starred Sandra Bullock a character was Gracie Hart, she is a special agent of FBI, and she's so tough as males. She's Miss Congeniality

Jennifer M (fr) wrote: Eh, this forgettable movie is okay.

Saeed K (de) wrote: One of the best dark movies in recent years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E R (ca) wrote: Gary Oldman keeps suprising me.

Kyle A (jp) wrote: I technically slept through 3/4 of it, so I probably shouldn't give it a rating but... there was a reason I decided to doze off...

Kay L (kr) wrote: Saw the end, don't need to see the whole thing.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Yvonne M (br) wrote: Soundtrack as enjoyable as the movie!!

Jean Carlo C (gb) wrote: Bound is smart, sexy, funny. a really wonderful debut for The Wachowskis.

Sally S (ru) wrote: The only redeeming thing about the movie is Sir Anthony Hopkins delivering bad lines as best as he can.

Cylus O (es) wrote: The art style wasn't the best of what you expect from DC animated films but if there is one word I will use to describe this film, it would be 'refreshing.' The movie was humorous, a bit raunchy, and a nice twist thrown in for good measure. It certainly isn't your typical superman movie, it was more mature which helped to make it stand out against the many other superman titles.

Vyacheslav K (ru) wrote: Waterworld should have been Mad Max on the sea, but the edge is missing, and somehow the dirty look of everything seems a bit weird. Worth seeing once or twice for the action scenes alone though, and Kevin Costner's performance is terrific as always.