Las viudas de los jueves

Las viudas de los jueves

In a gated community, where everyone seems to have it all, secrets start to come out.

In a gated community, where everyone seems to have it all, secrets start to come out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (us) wrote: The film's only suspense was whether or not the would-be priest would yield to the temptations of the flesh.

Marilena G (kr) wrote: Kind of funny, in a unique Rowan Atkinson kind of way.

Siri B (au) wrote: Nice filming. Apart from that: no knowledge of lumberjacks. Or horses. Or continuity. Artyfarty with loads of fake blood (mostly unexplained).

Kevin C (jp) wrote: Starts interesting enough but really sags in the middle. You can really feel how broken the main character is but its never really explained. It lingers so long that eventually I just saw him as pathetic and not really sympathetic. The big twist comes from left field and really felt unsatisfying and thrown together.

Philippa W (it) wrote: Written & directed by Rachel Ward, which was the main draw for me. No surprises plot-wise, but stunning shots of the Aussie scenery and some nice performances.

Marrick A (es) wrote: Interesting and action-filled. The honeys in this movie were stunners too.

Daniel C (de) wrote: Oh my God! This was so crap it could only be viewed as funny. But, seriously... I had an idea that this was something to be taken light-heartedly and the movie fits the bill for that. Really lame in some parts, a rip off of all martial art films, even Kung Pow. I can't really recommend it, but you could do worse things with your life...

Robyn Z (kr) wrote: Not one of Lundgren's best movies by far. It's entertaining but easy to predict the outcome.

Allegra F (ca) wrote: This movie is a CLASSIC. One of my Top 5 favorite Disney Channel movies. I always wanted that house, post-evil Katey Segal, anyway.

Matthew C (br) wrote: As with many Jet Li films, this movie is oddly uneven in tone, switching from screwball comedy to bloody violence with little warning. I don't normally enjoy Hong Kong comedy, but this has some genuinely funny bits, which is good, because the action scenes are few and far between. When they do finally happen, they tend to be pretty good. The finale is fast paced with some very cool martial arts. The leads are all good. Unfortunately, the subtitles aren't especially well done. I've certainly seen much worse, though.

Melanie V (au) wrote: this is great, but there are a few bits that make it a bit unbeleiveable - like the bit when she sings

M W (de) wrote: A good deal would be to save your time and money and not bother with this.

Jeff B (es) wrote: Boring, very dark (as in poorly lit) movie that MST3K does a good job of making fun of.

Andrew F (es) wrote: A failed, but still sporadically interesting, experiment from the Mighty Alt Man.

Daniel A (ru) wrote: A fun modern Western that's earned semi-cult status thanks to Robert Blake's lovable protagonist, and the steady hand of one-off director James William Guercio. Electra Glide In Blue is uneven, experiencing its successes in peaks and dips, but on the whole this is a satisfying comedy drama with a great central performance and some undeniably beautiful visuals.

Jamie I (us) wrote: The best version of Hamlet I have ever seen. For real. David Tennent masterfully commands every single scene. Highly recommended.

Robert M (it) wrote: Fairly hilarious, but a clever twist for a comedy about getting revenge. Even though I say fairly hilarious, there was definitely at least one moment where I laughed out loud. Ferrel, one of my favorite comedians of all time, makes his usual debut as a worthless-looking, but not so worthless skater and Heder playing a simple feministic skater who's just trying to make things right. A neat and ironic story about two performing ice skaters both winning gold metals, hate each other, then win gold medals again. I guess it proves that happy accidents can almost aways be worth something more. Not featuring the greatest amount of jokes, but overall comedic concept was well brought up. Even though I gave Get Hard the same rating, this one if anything was better. Obviously some great sport performances by the two actors.

Toby C (ca) wrote: It's so dumb that it works, however I never realized how cheap some of the shots are in this film.

Stephen M (jp) wrote: An Aussie remake of an American movie. Not the norm but it was ok. A low budget movie as usual.