Loner teenager Billy Duncan (Kim Milford) stumbles across a lost alien ray gun while wandering the desert one day. Billy uses the destructive weapon to get revenge on his enemies, but quickly finds himself beginning to turn into a violent, alien creature who destroys anyone who offends him.

A teenager stumbles upon an alien weapon, which transform him into a grotesque killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Laserblast torrent reviews

Private U (au) wrote: a ghetto classic,,see it ya mugs lol

Laurel S (au) wrote: I can't believe people have commented on this film. I thought I was the only one that ever saw it, and loved it. Haven't seen it in awhile-so maybe it's dated, but I do remember very honest and funny performances by the whole cast. This film is on my top 100 list-in no particlar order.

Brian K (it) wrote: Despite the film concerning a very specific world event, the topicality of the film remains salient to this day.

Aren B (mx) wrote: A classic exercise in film-noir.

Adam R (us) wrote: The first ten minutes were promising, but the magic didn't last. I found it creepy and boring. I can't say I am a fan of the whole Cirque du Soleil thing in general. It's weird in a scary way. (First and only viewing - 12/28/2012 in theaters)

Andy G (ru) wrote: Jonah Hex is a good comic book movie from DC about a dead cow boy that comes back to revenge the guy that killed his wife and son and he has the ability to touch dead people so we can get information from him. A good cast in this movie Josh Brolin John Malkovich Megan Fox Michael Fassbender and others. B- (2011)

Adam L (gb) wrote: Wonderfully badass film

Robert L (nl) wrote: Watched the MST3K version so it was funny.