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Laskar pemimpi


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Josh M (es) wrote: Extremely excessive and almost a mirror image of Hatchet II. The kills are uniquely designed, but the plot runs very thin.

Kristin R (nl) wrote: While this is visually stunning, it just does not have the same feel as the live performances.

Bobby L (kr) wrote: Looks really good, and has some great gore effects, but soo boring.

Alex H (ca) wrote: Even with improved technology and millions of imitators, you can't beat the chilling perfectly paced originals!

David M (nl) wrote: A mediocre horror film aimed more at those under 14 years of age. Not unpleasant or particularly bad, just nothing to write home about.

Rodney E (jp) wrote: A forgettable pseudo Western from the 90's that goes nowhere or does nothing. Last Man Standing could have been really great but was just sloppy.

bill s (gb) wrote: No wonder Lake went into talk shows and it was non to soon by her less than stellar turn here.

Vanessa V (au) wrote: An amazing and important film that made me emotionally involved

Nick T (ru) wrote: Great movie for newly weds

David S (de) wrote: We Own the Night is a decent action drama that showcases some brilliant acting (Joaquin Phoenix) and some not so brilliant acting (Eva Mendes). It creates a dramatic piece intertwining family with drugs and the police, thus, your average cop action flick. However, what sets this movie a little bit a part from the average cop flick, which it still is, is the suspenseful and excitingly scary car chase scene as well as the drug bust. In this movie, the director was not afraid of killing big characters or inflicting real damage to the protagonist, and this is one of its few redeemable features.