Last Call at the Oasis

Last Call at the Oasis

Participant Media’s Last Call at the Oasis is a new documentary from Jessica Yu & Elise Pearlstein. Think water is an infinite resource? Think again.

A documentary on the world's water crisis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Last Call at the Oasis torrent reviews

Jonny H (jp) wrote: It's Australian, what can I say. Haha. Well, to be really honest - it's not too bad. Deals with religion, love, sex, and just life in general. It's not a fairytale story, but it gives people hope that there are semi-happy endings. There are funny bits, heaps are kindda just annoying (as things are in real life). Not a bad overall.

Derek H (ru) wrote: Nothing new or worth seeing here.

Kevin C (au) wrote: It's watchable, but it seems a bit of an old pals act on a small budget. They're all having a laugh but are the audience?Over does the we've got this new band called The Beatles or this guy from Wales Tom Jones rejections.Spotting the cameos is quite good fun, and no Tottenham fan will be disappointed when one of the main characters is Chas Hodges!

Alex S (mx) wrote: Not bad, some breathtaking nice footage. Especially liked the BASE jumping paired with extreme skiing. Like mint and chocolate. I also liked the crosscut through history of extreme skiing in the world and the US. Surprisingly, the amount of amount of wool-cap-wearing a**holes unable to express themselves with words other than "cool", "wow" and "man" was kept to a tolerable minimum.

Poo B (au) wrote: It's really good...but as audio, not video...the picture doesn't really contain anything, once in a while it expresses a certain story more, but overall I could just as much have had this on a audiotape. Really good to hear from the man himself and not from someone who thinks he knows something.

Kamila K (au) wrote: pas mal, mais je trouve le film un peu dgotant.

Carla C (ru) wrote: it's a really funny movie

Si F (es) wrote: An odd film, not good, but not bad either, i certainly didn't see the twist coming

Matt K (nl) wrote: Better not call Steve Irwin for this one. Stupid movie, but if you've got nothing to do, you'll be entertained by some of the stupidest death scenes in film (Guy is flipped up into the air and a monstrous salty croc catches him in his jaw.

Jonah F (gb) wrote: It's basically an advertisement for Rhino's Ed Wood films, but I really enjoy the use of his film's to tell Ed's life story. It's interesting (and depressing) to see Ed in his 40's and 50's. I wish we could have seen a Wood after he became a famous auteur, but he had to die first.

Trent R (es) wrote: Trs `70s, sexy psych thriller with loads of creepy incestuous hijinx and odd atmosphere. The acting by the pretty young primaries is shaky at best, but Begley and Hayworth are such fun that it is easy to ignore. The plot is largely one continuous flashback, with a mildly noir vibe of mistaken/assumed identity. Hayworth's last film, with her as an insecure matriarch opposite Begley as her seedy spouse. Worth seeing for them alone, but more so if you're in the mood for some then-new period style in the hands of the old guard.

Wes S (mx) wrote: A typical fairy tale movie with less than typical stop motion effects, but it's still has a fun side to it and charm associated with the genre. The story isn't too complex, but it has plenty of twists and turns, surprises and colorful characters. It doesn't leave much of a impact, but they don't make them like this anymore.

Ashlee B (de) wrote: Its such a strong movie. Sean Penn plays the role soo good!

darth v (us) wrote: Very suspenseful after a slow start. Almost breathlessly terrifying in certain portions - remember to breathe. A lot of people die along the way. Worth watching.