Last Hour

Last Hour

How would you react if three years after the death of your father, you receive a letter signed by him inviting you to visit an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere in China? Curious in nature, you decide to set off on this adventure. Here's the snag, when you arrive in front of the house (which looks more like a bunker), you realize that there are other visitors summoned as well. Four guys show up with the same letter you have! All five characters, Monk, Casino, Black Jack, Shang and Poker have something in common. All carry guns, have dangerous reputations and are wanted by the police. Unexpectedly the door to the house is opened by a mysterious woman and shortly after entering they notice that they are all locked inside. The house is surrounded by police and they can not escape the psychotic killer that wants to wipe them out. After shocking plot twists and with a growing suspicion of each other, they come to realize that they have only one hour to live.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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How would you react if three years after the death of your father, you receive a letter signed by him inviting you to visit an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere in China? Curious in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Last Hour torrent reviews

Grant B (mx) wrote: Very emotional film. I was deeply moved and touched by it.

Cemre G (ru) wrote: ok basit, ucu acik bi film olmus ne anlatilmak istendigi ne asilanmak istendigi belli degil Atatrk'n zekasini hissedemiyorsunuz filmde, sanki denk gelmis de o kurtarms yoksa ole adam yapabilrmimis de gibi bi havasi var. muhalifler susturuldu diyor ama o mualiflerin bugn yasadgmz rejmn karst olan insanlar oldugu acklanmyor, sanki kendisinden baska hicbir goruse onem vermezmis havas var, cok kotu bi film gercekten cok ayp edilmis bi film

Mireille C (br) wrote: Un tres bon film quebecois a voir sans faute!

pedro t (ca) wrote: Slow-paced and blacker than black comedy value. Worth watching. Makes the American health service seem genius in comparison.

Clay B (de) wrote: MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (2005)

Rich B (it) wrote: Close to Leo (2002) - "Never use words you don't understand." - Papa The oldest of four boys, 21-year old Leo breaks the news to his family that he is HIV+. The close-knit family closes in about him, trying to do what they can to help, while shielding the youngest brother, 12-year old Marcel, from the news. Meanwhile, Leo struggles to accept a life where he is severely limited by the disease. There are several moral themes in this French-made film. There's the obvious theme of dealing with a family member who is not only gay, but infected. There's the moral quandary of whether to shield the youngest from the potential risk of losing the older brother he adores, which means keeping secrets and telling lies. There's the affection that each of them feel for each other. Oh, and the boyfriend that wrote beautiful love letters that Leo ignored for a year before realizing that he was sick and acknowledging that he was in love, only to be rejected for his failure to respond to those letters. And there's the question as to whether or not life is worth living with a life-long, incurable disease that must be treated with an army of medications. The point is - this story is loaded with moral themes, and as much as it bothers me to say it, they don't always work well together. Each of the themes is credibly portrayed, in script and in the acting, but the story appears to struggle to accept them all as equals.

Anssi V (fr) wrote: I'm torn about this film. On the other hand, I cannot quite pinpoint the differences between this and the original Lara Croft film, and yet it feels inferior in every aspect. But why is that? Why do I feel that this isn't as good as the original. Well, novelty might be one explanation. The first Tomb Raider was fresh, new, something we hadn't seen before. This one is just the first one with a new coat of paint, which is never a good thing.One explanation might also be that I don't really like Gerard Butler's Terry Sheridan as a character. The first Tomb Raider was great because the focus was on Lara. She was the undisputed hero of her own story. In this one I feel that they regretted that decision and decided to add some unneeded masculinity into the mix. And yes, this is hypocritical, because if any sequel to a male lead adventure film decided to add a kickass female character, I wouldn't complain at all. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in, and I cannot lie about how I feel about Terry.I also miss the interplay between Lara and her father. The first film was very focused on her character and the stages were personal. Not so much in this film. Lara quests for the Cradle of Life, not because it means something to her personally, but because she's ordered to do so and she just went: "Yeah, I didn't have anything planned for the weekend anyway." A workable solution if you don't have anything else, but it's a bit on the weak side.Otherwise the movie is pretty much identical to the first one. Gorgeous locations, great stunt sequences, imaginative action scenes and Angelina Jolie is as great as always, although the need to cover her up in order to cover her tattoos is a crime against humanity. So, if you liked the first one, I'd give this one a watch as well. It's not quite as good, but it's not noticeably worse either. If you didn't like it, this won't change your opinion.

Jerry W (us) wrote: English:[i][b]Broken Flowers[/b][/i]...I wanted to like this....I really did. But Writer/Director Jim Jarmusch slightly overestimates how interesting a minimalist Bill Murray performance (ie a constant blank stare) and an anticlimatic story can be. Murray plays a wealthy bachelor who gets unexpected news in the form of an unsigned letter. Apparently he has sired a son but the woman who wrote the letter, a former lover, never told him. That son, the letter tells the hardly moved Murray, is searching for Murray. The movie takes us as Murray goes on his own search to find which of his past lovers sent the letter. Jarmusch can be thanked for not turning this into farce or melodrama, but the point along the narrative spectrum (between laughs and tears) that he chooses is just too low impact. Spanish:[i][b]El Crimen Perfecto[/b][/i]... I recently discovered Alex de la Iglesia at a retrospective on his films. I saw [b][i]The Day of the Beast[/i][/b] and loved his hilarious critique of both the Catholic Church and "alternative" philosophies. So when I saw that his latest was being distributed in the US, I jumped at the opportunity to see another of his rip-roaring satires. I was not disappointed. This film about the perfect crime first shows us an imperfect one: two men who had vied for the same position at a Madrid department store come to blows after one wins and the other loses. The loser accidentally kills the winner and tries to conceal the whole thing. He almost pulls it off, but one of the women who works at the store decides to "help" him. For this ladies man, this wouldn't normally be a problem, but she's not the type of lady he's used to manipulating: she's ugly and she's smart. Iglesia's targets in this anti-romantic comedy (ie a film where the comedy lies in how unromantic their relationship is) are both masculine maschismo and the feminine ideal it perpetuates. Japanese:[i][b]A Tree of Palme[/b][/i]...This anime version of Pinocchio (where a puppet wants to be real) is unnecessarily confusing*. It's not set in some small village like the Disney version, but in some complicated science fiction dystopia engulfed in a unexplained conflict that drowns out the beauty of the allegory. Korean:[i][b]My Beautiful Girl Mari[/b][/i]...This is I think my first Korean anime (oh yeah) and I was struck by how flat the animation seems compared to Japanese animation. I'm not sure whether this is characteristic of most Korean animation, but I'm not really sure where this is going so I will stop.... The movie is set is a fishing village on the coast and centers on two boys who are best friends. One of them is going off to study in Seoul causing them both some anxiety. The main character, who lost his father in a storm at sea, doesn't take this very well. He seeks an escape and finds it in the mystical conjunction of a special marble and a lighthouse. He is taken, physically or imaginatively for the movie isn't always certain about which, to a plane of clouds and fluffy animals. There he meets Mari, a being of this mystical plane. At first they share curious glances and then something more. Their only teens so their love has a certain innocence. This is beautiful, albeit flat, movie. The broad vistas and flights through the clouds are richly colored and rendered.

Nelson P (ca) wrote: Wasn't bad at all. It was missing the feeling of the first film, but was good in it's own way. I did like that it had a solid story line focusing only on a couple of characters. It's certainly a step down from the first but it still has a lot of redeeming qualities

Shawn W (au) wrote: An honest cop is caught between capturing murderous bank robbers and the dirty cops they are working with. Give PM Entertainment props for stuffing as much action as possible in this direct to video offering. The shootouts, car chases, and fight scenes are plentiful and at least measure up and best many big studio offerings with larger budgets.

David B (nl) wrote: Natalie Portman was great in this. Marty is such an interesting character.

Stephen T (jp) wrote: Martin Kelly, Architect.

Michael W (br) wrote: Combining some of the best one-liners in history with a few stellar performances, His Girl Friday is the film to watch for witty dialogue. There's just no other film that compares.

Mitchell M (us) wrote: Cate Blanchett is terrific in this sharp, bittersweet tale of upper class fidelity.

Brian K (kr) wrote: Forgettable afterward but entertaining enough while watching.

Jesse F (us) wrote: I think the problem I have with "Freddy VS Jason" is that I had very high hopes for it. I'm an enormous fan of both franchises and I was hoping for an all-out brawl between the two villians. Re-viewing it, it's not nearly as bad as I remember but not nearly as great as it should've been either.