Last Hurrah for Chivalry

Last Hurrah for Chivalry

Kao has purchased a new wife, but an enemy has paid her more money to kill him. Kao must recruit a pair of swordsmen to help defend himself and his family from his ruthless enemy. But Kao has his dark side as well. A complex early action film from master director Woo.

A son tries to avenge his father, and gets two sword fighters to help him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ross K (au) wrote: Shockingly profound and brilliantly disturbing.

Johann M (de) wrote: a bit of a let down, but overall, it does delve into some interesting side history. Pacing does feel a bit rushed though.

Joo Miguel R (de) wrote: Real Steel was in a shocking way to me.. interesting but without a little dose of stupidity and family drama in the way. Curiously the fighting scenes beetween the robots are well acted with nice choreographies. The last one - the final and probably the most silly - is to much reminiscent of Rocky IV.. at least in my opinion. Nevertheless, the movie does have great scenes and the actors are very well suited for the roles.. We all now the end when the charater of Jackman meets is son.. but.. althought the predictable still manages to keep me wake up until the end.The Good: the fight scenes beetween the robotsThe Bad: the family (necessary) drama and a little stupidity in some partsThe Ugly: bull vs robot?! Did we reaaly need that?

(au) wrote: Cast: Kevin Bacon, Brad Renfro, Maximilian Schell, Calista Flockhart, Paul Dooley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Luke Wilson, Damon Fletcher, Jerry Swindall, K.K. Dodds Director: Guy Ferland Summary: Shy immigrant Karchy Jonas (Brad Renfro) is a social disaster at his 1960s American high school. But things pick up when he pursues a cute, supermarket coworker (Calista Flockhart) and hooks up with a slick deejay (Kevin Bacon, in a standout performance) who shows Karchy life's wild--and dangerous--side. My Thoughts: "The performances by Kevin Bacon and Brad Renfro are great, it's the script that leaves something to be desired. There are also some very good actor's in here that are wasted by very limited roles. There was some great music in this as well. But just not as good as I thought it would be considering the talent."

Irene K (de) wrote: It took me a while to sort of figure out what is going on. Granted I never read the synopsis before watching the movie on TV. I kept questioning why this guy kept dating different girls and they kept talking on the phone. The time spent in Armenia sort of make sense. It seems the character is difficult to communicate with. Anyhoot.

bill s (es) wrote: Thrilling tale of betrayal....sign Irons up for father of the year.

Russell K (kr) wrote: Strange, odd, and slightly enjoyable......

Brad H (br) wrote: A 47' noir thriller starring Humphry Bogart and Lauran Bacall (one of the four films they famously starred in together). The plot sags in certain parts, but the chemistry between Bogart and Bacall, as well as the moody atmoshere of the film, more than makes up for it.

Rich A (us) wrote: Fave from back in the day.

Jevro W (jp) wrote: yawn, had to turn it off. Nicole please stop with the plastic surgery, although I suspect it's already to late