Last of the Badmen

Last of the Badmen

Chicago detectives in the 1880s head west to find the killers of their colleague.

Chicago detectives in the 1880s head west to find the killers of their colleague. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (au) wrote: Good execution of a deeply flawed story. The film added some more elements to explain the halluciation Mike experiences, for a low budget film, it's not too bad, though there was virtually zero scare.

Hugh J (ca) wrote: I liked it. At times, it felt kinda pretentious but trying to spot the cameos kept my interest along with some interesting dialogue. There were a few funny moments but nothing too hilarious. I dug the cast well enough. And I also dug the twist. I'm pretty sure it won't hold up to repeat viewings but it was decent as a blind buy. All in all, time well wasted.

Gabriel C (br) wrote: Chicago is bold, funny, stylish and full of unbridled energy.

Sterling H (ca) wrote: HAHAHA! This movie is actually pretty funny

Syed A (fr) wrote: utterly predictable and shallow...these two hours of my life should've better spent somewhere else..i should watched Hitchcock's Psycho once again...oh, & the ending, not so scary, it was kinda predictable...

Russ B (ag) wrote: 3/27/2017: A pretty good film with a good story. Pretty much what you would expect from the series.

Dustin P (mx) wrote: Considered by many to be the first ever horror film. Whether you agree or not, it is absolutely a groundbreaking film. The expressionist art style makes it both beautiful and almost dreamlike (or perhaps nightmarish?). It's amazing how well it's been restored and the music that has been added was very good for helping to set the mood. If you want to study the history of film or consider yourself a movie connoisseur, this is mandatory viewing.

Anthony M (ca) wrote: James Cameron makes universally loved and beautiful movies but his movies have flaws avatar while pituresque had flaws the naive are a interesting race but there while save the environment is nothing new and the military is evil is something that has been used more times the I can count but that dose not stop this movie dazzle and pazzase