Last Stand at Saber River

Last Stand at Saber River

As America recovers from the Civil War, one man tries to put the pieces of his life back together but finds himself fighting a new battle on the frontier. Cable is an embittered Confederate soldier who returns from the war to reclaim his Arizona homestead from rebel pioneers who sympathize with the Union war effort.

As America recovers from the Civil War, one man tries to put the pieces of his life back together but finds himself fighting a new battle on the frontier. Cable is an embittered Confederate... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tj B (au) wrote: I read the book. the book was awesome. the movie kept most of the humor from the book, but of course, barley mirrored the story.

Aidan S (es) wrote: Such an underrated film!! i absolutely fell in love with it! it was so so inventive on so many levels! the cinematography is exceptional, the editing fantastic, sound perfect, and Ezra does the absolute perfect job! so good! goes so deep and has you thinking! what i think i loved most about it was how close to how teenagers actually act. being 16 i can say that this felt real and this felt scary and this felt believable.

Leonard D (us) wrote: Oh wow! More hilarious blood and guts in a circus of death!

Sean D (de) wrote: Bad. Boring. An awkward hybrid of literally A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser. The series took a psychological murder mystery turn. Very boring. Gore level completely turned down to essentially non-existant, and sometimes there is no problem with that.I had a lot of high hopes since the series' original heroine returns in the film, but she played a boring, non-existent role. This could have easily been better because of Ashley Lawrence's character, but she ended up being a minor character, so it led to her having little to no character development.

Rahul B (fr) wrote: Awesome jack is lovely

Megan S (us) wrote: Okay, not much substance really at all. It definitely was not a laugh-out-loud comedy, it was cute at times. I didn't feel connected to the characters or invested in the story.

Jesse C (mx) wrote: Great music, one of the best rock pics

Loren R (kr) wrote: Ein gut erzhlter Film der legendren Artus Sage! Sehr gut in Szene gesetzt und mit vielen Phantasie Bildern voll gespickt. Lustig sind die Szenen mit dem jungen Liam Neeson. Auch Helen Mirren sieht ziemlich scharf aus! Zwischendurch gibt es ein paar Einstellungen, die wieder zu verhalten sind und die Geschichte ein bisschen abbremst. Sonst ein guter Fantasy Streifen fr einen langweiligen Sonntag!

Luc L (jp) wrote: A good horror film from Russia. Natalya Varley was perfect in her role.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: This felt more like the work of a first time international indie filmmaker than Michael Mann, director of Last of the Mohicans, Heat, and The Insider. This was a load of garbage. Nothing was good in the film except the night cityscape scenes. Horrible acting (Hemsworth as a hacker genius?), pitiful writing, unbelievable and lackluster romance. Boring story, and the list goes on. Zero effort must have been put into this film by producer, director, and director of photographer. Rating: 3 / 10

Wesley W (it) wrote: More like Sancdum. This film had a crappy cast that can't act well at all, a really bad script with lots of cringe worthy dialogue, and characters you don't end up caring about at all. Every poster, trailer, and tv spot for this movie had James Cameron's name on them and it was only used as bait to try to get people onto the seats even if he was only the executive producer because if they were advertising the real director's name, then less people would have seen the film than there already were. The only positives I have with the movie is the score, the production design, and it had a few tense scenes. Overall, there is hardly anything to recommend in this bland, forgettable, and mediocre film and there is no need to waste your time watching it.

Logan M (fr) wrote: You could call it a messier version of "Reservoir Dogs," but one that delivers its own style and sense of humor.