Last Stop 174

Last Stop 174

Sandro was a boy who loved to sing rap, to kiss, to stare the statue of Christ the Redeemer and dreamed to go visit Copacabana. Growing up on streets, the story culminates at the infamous episode of June 12th 2000, when Sandro hijacked bus 174.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Portuguese,French,Spanish,English,German,Italian,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   prostitute,   murder,  

A chronicle of a real-life bus hijacking in Rio de Janeiro that occurred on June 12, 2000. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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L A (nl) wrote: Cute. Like a long decently funny episode. I've seen better storylines but still good

Brian D (mx) wrote: Haven't seen it for years, but from what I remember it was a decent movie with a good premise. I don't remember the caliber of the actors, I just know that I liked the movie when I saw it years ago.

Brandon Vincent T (mx) wrote: A cheap movie, yet shows the dream of what a kid would do with a million dollars.

Vernon G (jp) wrote: A low-rent "When Harry Met Sally" but entertaining enough due to good performances from the cast.

Bill B (kr) wrote: This was a film I've always heard of and not in a good light, but when I ran across it on cable I figured I had to give it a spin. 'Giant mutated rabbits rampage through the Southwest', to para-phrase the IMDB and that's kinda it, save for how silly it looks to film actual bunnies and try to make them look scary.Pass, unless you're into the 'so bad it's good' kinda movie night.

Blake P (mx) wrote: Experimentalism can only go so far before I begin to feel the effects of sensory overload induced fatigue. Slaphappy style can most successfully avert my attention in the form of a painting, a short form video, but when bombarded by it for the length of a feature film do I rapidly lose that ever-important feeling called interest. While I'm all for artistic expression within the scope of a risky piece, I'm not so easily seduced by a movie that has nothing much else to offer besides its style; I like visual massages better when they take the time to emotionally, or at least intellectually, get me to a point of an optical climax. But "Performance" is like "Midnight Cowboy" minus the wide ranging palette of humanistic feelings - it's a series of overbearing imagery without the depth to make it resonate as anything other than a masturbatory cinematic exercise on the part of its filmmakers. Here, those filmmakers are Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg, a pair iconoclasts of the British avant garde who, like star Mick Jagger, used the movie as a vehicle to debut their innovative auteurist maneuvers. And I can take it - to a point. "Performance" begins with tantalization but leads to a bad case of exhaustion on the part of its viewers. It's a film more impressed by its own ocular smorgasbord than it is with nearly everything else. In return, we get a hallucinatory masterpiece that also leaves you dazed and confused, never allowing for unguarded enthrallment. Despite its habit of toting Jagger as its main, "Performance" is really headlined by James Fox, a blue eyed beaut with a snake in his boot. He portrays Chas, an East London gang member whose sadistic nature has gained him a reputation as one of the finest thugs working for Harry Flowers (Johnny Shannon), the ruthless leader of the crime conglomerate. His liking of beating the truth (and cash) out of Flowers's said enemies translates into his sex life, where rough encounters abound. He's a brute, and maybe we wouldn't be so mesmerized by his persona if we weren't so sure that there were some vulnerability lurking beneath his hardened surface. Chas could go on living like the devilish beast that he is for the rest of his life. But his rigid assurance sinks into a pit of despair when he kills (in self defense) a murderous shop owner with whom he has a mangled personal history. After Flowers refuses him protection - to off him is easier - Chas figures it be best to hide in the secluded countryside until the smoke clears off. But a change of fate keeps him in London, sharing the house of Turner (Jagger), a loony, has-been rock star, and his women, Pherber (Anita Pallenberg) and Lucy (Michle Breton). What begins as an attempt to find solitude, though, turns into something more as the strange going-ons without the House of Turner start to have an effect on its newest resident. In principle, "Performance" is merely two films merged into one, one a revamping of the gangster movie genre and the other a critiquing of rock star life. Though I prefer it when it's emulating "Le Doulos" and having a profound influence on Guy Ritchie, neither film, if individualized, would be a good one. Such is so because Cammell, who wrote the screenplay, isn't interested in developing the characters or the situation that befalls them; he gives most work to Roeg, whose visual peculiarities overstay their welcome after a half-hour passes and we come to realize that the movie is more pretentious than it is meaningful. It asks us to have our cake and eat it, too, but it snatches it out of our hands before we can appreciate its sugary delights. It's unable to connect with its audience - it's too self-congratulating for that. But at least it pulls out first-rate performances from Fox (a sly miscreant) and Jagger (a paradigmatic magnet of a presence), and at least it's fertile enough in its imagery to avoid everyday boredom. But it does verge on the tedious and it does cross paths with the overblown on many occasion. How one responds to its stylistic superfluities depends.

alex f (fr) wrote: Great over dubbed action with a gat gun and some dirt n mud.

Nathan C (us) wrote: Laced in irony as much as the Mob is tied up in crime. It makes for funny, light viewing.A housewife is sick of living the Mafia life: spending laundered money, hanging with Mafia wives with bad hairdos, and being married to a mobster. He gets "iced" by the Don due to an affair with his mistress. The wife decides to movie, and it all converges around her. The Don wants her, his jealous wife is after her, the FBI is investigating her case, and a detective falls in love with her.It has a unique ring to it. Taking the gritty gangster movie subject matter and subverting it into zany fun. A feat nicely pulled off! Good performances, unusual camera angles, and the interesting plot help it shine. Playful chemistry abound. Its touches of eccentric humor (using "Bizarre Love Triangle" to celebrate a successful Mob hit, for example) bring a sense of idiosyncrasy to the mix. It's the 80's, so why not bring in the tacky costumes and David Byrne music?However, it turns a little too dramatic towards the end with that shootout. And it starts running out of steam around that point. Some people were miscast (I don't really see Pvt. Joker as a detective, sorry), and many viewers [especially those not alive during the late 80's] will balk at the cheese. It's their loss, though.It can't possibly be the best gangster movie since "The Godfather", but it's not supposed to be. It's something that can be enjoyed, if you're in the right mood for it.

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