Late Autumn

Late Autumn

The great actress and Ozu regular Setsuko Hara plays a mother gently trying to persuade her daughter to marry in this glowing portrait of family love and conflict—a reworking of Ozu’s 1949 masterpiece Late Spring.

A widow tries to marry off her daughter with the help of her late husband's three friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (mx) wrote: It's a B movie with a modest budget.A bunch of nearly invisible aliens have come to steal our minerals for whatever reason. The visual effects are creative, but they can get somewhat repetitive. The actors do well with the material they have, which I found to be surprisingly believable. Unlike most movies in this genre, the characters are surprisingly cooperative. There is no time for remorse when a character dies but a good number of leads die in the film.I guess the biggest missed opportunity was that this is just a popcorn film and doesn't really have much to say in regards to theme other than teamwork. It's in a weird spot, it's not bad enough to be made fun of but it's not good enough to be taken seriously. However, I didn't hate myself after watching so check it out if you want. If not, your not missing much.

Simon G (es) wrote: The release of this movie is quite obviously overshadowed with the media's recent fascination with Hollywood's latest celebrity fuck-up, Lindsay Lohan - who is attempting to be taken more seriously as an actress in a more controversial role than she is used to. The movie itself was not released to critics until the day of general release which of course doesn't look good. It's funny then that 'I Know Who Killed Me', while being quite a terrible it's short-comings are nothing to do with the casting or those scenes, despite what the critics may have led you to believe. The film starts off quite promisingly, weaving together good mystery elements and seemingly jumping backwards and forwards in time. But instead of going into Lynch-ian twists and metaphors the film opts for a more straight forward approach. The movie does just about hold your attention but once the mystery is unveiled things all go a little Hollywood for a rather standard and cliched conclusion. The big reveal itself, while interesting, is only used as a means to explain why these things are happening when it could have been used to completely twist things around and develop the lagging story further. The gore quotant though almost puts both the 'Saw' and 'Hostel' franchises to shame. Director Chris Silverston not turning the camera away the second things get interesting. The strip scenes (of which I am not a fan - nor movie nudity in general) were actually handled with an amount of grace at least. Silverston making these scenes surreal and mildly erotic - with an almost dream-like use of lighting - without ever really been slutty despite some more crude moments (gusset flashing) which will appeal to both 13 year old boys who've just discovered masturbation and general perverts alike. These scenes though were obviously Lohan's way of trying to shed that squeaky clean image. I'm sure her parents are most proud. It's the plot and pacing where 'I Know Who Killed Me' really falls down, Lohan actually turning in an decent enough performance. Not quite the mess we were expecting then but by the end you'll find yourself curiously musing what was the point?

Pritha R (jp) wrote: absolutely breathtaking, real way of bringing indians especially nri's together also loved women aspect of it all and of course srk was stunning as usual

Allan C (ca) wrote: It's about time there was a sequel to the 1999 Lou Diamond Phillips' classic! This unexpected TV movie sequel is so low budget that the eastern European setting takes place primarily in either the forest or abandoned buildings, not to mention the very sub parr special effects. It's not even enjoyable in a so-bad-it's-good way, which is what I was hoping for. Maybe I need to watch a Lorenzo Lamas Snake Eater movie to cleanse my palate.

Paul C (br) wrote: This movie follows your typical zombie movie - unknown virus/toxin turns people into zombies. As usual, the government is aware but does not know what to do about it. It's full of gore and screaming - what you'd expect from a zombie movie. It's set in a maximum security prison. Both civilians and prisoners are trapped inside when the outbreak occurs - most notably a representative from the CDC, the prison's warden, and a convicted thief. The movie's ending is similar to "Night of the Living Dead" with the last survivor being shot dead. The plot and acting is weak while everything else seems a bit too over done.

Chase V (ag) wrote: i really want 2 know what happens

Joyce J (ru) wrote: i would rather see the stage performance. this version didnt quite cut it

Sean C (ca) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie a lot. I am a big Lucio Fulci fan and this has a really hilarious (only to people like me who hate children) start to it. Much of the dialogue is also unintentionally funny like many overdubbed Italian movies. It's definitely a lesser known Fulci film, but I'd recommend it.

Diana L (br) wrote: Interesting take on early humans, but it feels much longer than it is. Slow plot. But fun seeing Ron Perlman in one of his earlier roles. I bet they didn't have to use as much makeup on him as the rest of the cast...

Marc V (kr) wrote: I love this mov ie----"Goddamn ape ate my Oreos!"

Andr D (jp) wrote: "El Cid" es uno de los grandes picos de la historia del cine. La adaptacin del "Cantar del Mio Cid" goza de unos grandes actores (Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren, Raf Vallone), de una gran direccin a cargo de Anthony Mann, de una gran fotografa (en Super Technirama) y de grandes escenas de accin. "El Cid" le hace honor a esa pantalla grande llamada cine.

Steve G (gb) wrote: pretty sure marie curie did not look like greer garson. perhaps starts taking itself a little too seriously about 3/4 through.

Jasav J (mx) wrote: Amazing film. Much better than any MCU movie. Period. Also, it has 63% from Top Critics? I guess the critics do have Marvel bias, considering that they gave Iron Man and The First Avenger higher ratings, which are far worse movies.

Thomas W (it) wrote: Based on a libretto penned by Langston Hughes and first performed off-Broadway in 1961, this film is an adaptation of Hughes' Black Nativity set in present day about a teenage boy being sent to spend the holidays with his grandparents he does not know by his hard-working mother who had a falling out with those said grandparents years ago. Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson plays that mother and fellow winner Forest Whitaker and nominee Angela Bassett play the grandparents. Jacob Latimore plays the teenager named Langston. I enjoyed a quite solid middle portion of this film but the film's beginning is rather weak (the staged musical numbers are uncomfortably odd) and its predictable conclusion is simply too trite and happy-happy. The music in church is great but updating the lyrics outside of church -- the name Obi-Wan Kenobi is audible (?) -- to go along with the story isn't as great. It seems forced. The film has good intentions but they aren't enough to save this production. This is one of director Kasi Lemmon's weaker films -- her early work Eve's Bayou is an excellent one I'd recommend over this.

Carlos J (au) wrote: Tpica peli que siempre dejaba pasar para ver en otro momento... y no me equivocaba; Es correcta desde lo visual y nada mas, cuando una peli de accin aburre esta todo dicho... Daba para mucho mas...

Russell S (gb) wrote: Martin Campbell delivers a fine action adventure movie with some great characters, a decent story and a smattering of the unexpected here and there. Very re-watchable .

Maksim B (us) wrote: Charming, sweet and certainly demanding, A Hologram for the King is a beautiful showcase of Tom Hanks' acting and abilities to hold a movie on his shoulders. Slow-paced, with mild comedy elements and glimpses of romance, this is an intriguing take on cultural differences, the corporate world and how a middle-aged man gets back on his feed to re-discover his love for life. A rather art-house delivery, than a typical Hollywood mainstream production, this movie will appeal to audience looking for a quality and meaningful content rather than classic Hollywood entertainment. Alan Clay (Tom Hanks) is a middle-aged American salesman who goes to Saudi Arabia to clinch the deal of his life. When he faces the Saudi reality, bureaucracy and habits he has to adapt to them, but also to re-discover the joy of life. Helped by the local driver Yousef (Alexander Black) and charmed by the beautiful and mysterious doctor Zahra (Sarita Choudhury), Alan discovers a whole new world and gets his life back on track. Director Tom Tykwer's delivery is definitely a hard one to follow. It requires patience and lets the viewer pay enough attention to multiple small elements such as nature, architecture or small cultural differences. This all happens amidst a story which actually has a little to tell, but thanks to the brilliant Tom Hanks, the movie turns out to be a pleasing experience. Speaking of Tom Hanks it should be pointed out that he is the sole reason for A Hologram for the King being such a pleasing delivery. It is truly amazing how he can hold on his shoulders every movie no matter whether he is alone on an island, on a vessel, in space or in the dessert. Restrained, vulnerable and yet so impactful, he succeeds to turn an initially shallow and quite boring story into a movie that you will enjoy following.