Late Night Shopping

Late Night Shopping

Four friends Sean, Vincent, Lenny and Jody find themselves at something of a deadend. Trapped in a twilight world of permanent night shift work, they hang out together in the local cafe, drinking coffee and entertaining themselves by observing Vincent's unwavering success in pulling women. There seems to be little prospect of change...until Vincent accidently sleeps with Sean's girlfriend.

Four young friends have tedious night jobs and meet every night after work in a café. Sean hasn't met his girlfriend in three weeks, Vincent flirts with everybody, Lenny is too afraid to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John K (jp) wrote: A darkly comedic takedown of Brooklyn in every sense. Every stereotype is skewered in its own way, however, the film is, first and foremost, an attack on entitlement amongst the youth of the upper class. While the film is consistently funny, the finale feels rather empty. While this may or may not be fitting, it definitely leaves the viewer with a bad taste in mouth.

Pat P (mx) wrote: Unlike the Adam Sadler vehicle "grown ups" and it's sequel, this was funny.

Mohd S (it) wrote: Le sang vers ne sche jamais.

(gb) wrote: A B-grade movie for sure, not a bad plot actually....but has a lousy script and actors in it...

Hristo K (kr) wrote: If my understanding of this site is correct than this means that what ever critics are used for doing the reviews on the movies here can simply be replaced with monkey. So this movie was given 61 % and Man of Steel was given 56 %. Hulk got 29 % from users, and MOS 76 %, same thing in IMDB fans voted MOS 2 points up and got reviews from more than 300 000 than Hulk did, in the boxoffice MOS did a lot more money than Hulk , like 400 Million more ? Someone please explain ? No sense

Renee S (gb) wrote: Easily my favorite out of the series!

(us) wrote: I love SRK and when he can act in a role that makes me want his character to be killed, that's talent. Vijay (SRK) was just crazy and manipulative. SRK was great as a villain. The whole first half of this movie infuriated me but I'm sure that's what it's aiming at. The second half was so much better. Madhuri was great as Shivani. Her acting in this role is awesome. She makes you feel what she's feeling. I loved it when Shivani was able to get her revenge, but her end was sad. I was hoping it wouldn't end like that but I understood why she did it. Good movie.

Michael T (ag) wrote: I don't think this was every released in the US, but if you can see it, do so. When a man disappears from his town, suspicion is cast on two men who are tortured until they accuse one another of the crime. But with the victim merely missing, was there even a crime?

Brett E (mx) wrote: This is a classic. Jim Carrey is his usual zany self but it works so well.

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (15%)An amazingly by-the-numbers spy action movie that could have come out at any decade from the past 40-50 years on TV or in cinemas. Bruce Willis may be on the poster, but he's in the movie for about 20 minutes tops, and he may as well be asleep as he gives nothing but his big name association. Cavill is mildly OK, but his character is one minute a pretty average guy (well a Hollywood take on an average guy) then an action guy with full weapons training, as well stunt car training, that comes from nowhere. The plot after the first act is impossible to follow because there is nothing to keep your attention, so the remaining parts only offer Sigourney Weaver in a one note role, and a few scenes of seen it all before action, and that's it. Not terrible, but hardly worth bothering with.