Laughter in Paradise

Laughter in Paradise

When an eccentric practical joker dies, he divides his fortune among four heirs. But before they can collect the cash they must each do something which goes completely against their nature.

When a millionaire practical joker dies, he divides his fortune among four heirs who must carry out his zany instructions to cash in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mish R (it) wrote: It's shocking and very truthful. Very sad. Great movie and I recommend this to everyone.

William H (br) wrote: I guess it was supposed to be a cool independent film, about living on mars; and I thought from hearing about it on TV, that it was going to be a serious drama..... but it just tried to turn itself into a funny off-beat comedy with some stupid-ass sub plot about some totally fake looking martian; and a full metal jacket type military guy yelling at him for wanting to dress up like Santa Clause? or something? Yeah, it just missed what it what trying to accomplish, I guess.

Cody C (nl) wrote: Gorgeous movie. May be a little too bare for some peoples tastes, but it was right up my alley. I really love this one.

Juan J (nl) wrote: Que no daria por vermela otra vez!!!

Jon C (ca) wrote: a silly little flick about man's desire to explore the microbiological universeMartin Short, Dennis Quaid, and Meg Ryan share ripe chemistry togetherbeing inside a human being has never been so funny or gross depending on your taste of the scenario Joe Dante still has that creativity with effects and actors

Scott C (it) wrote: Fairly interesting Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack the Ripper tale from underrated director, Bob Clark.

Rob V (gb) wrote: Will always hold a place in my top 5 list' of best horror films

Michael Y (ag) wrote: A watchable thriller for us Marilyn Monroe fans, but this tale of murder and deceit is a pretty stale with little thrills and little sense. Marilyn Monroe gets top billing in the credits, but she's not really the main character. Niagara is actually about Polly and Ray, played by Jean Peters and Max Showalter (Casey Adams in the credits). The two are taking a late honeymoon in the romantic boarder between the U.S. and Canada, Niagara Falls. The lovely couple meet Rose (Marilyn) who looks innocent enough, but she is actaully planning on murdering her less than kind husband. But not all goes according to plan. The murder nor the honeymoon. Niagara is a pretty uninteresting for the most part. Where it fails to thrill is because the murder has very little to do the moneymooning couple. But things do pick up when the 2 couple's lives mix together, but not in the most thrilling or creative way. We are put in a position to draw the line between who the real victum or "bad guy" is, but with lackluster twists that remind you of a poor version of Vertigo, Niagara doesn't do justice for the good actors or great setting. One of the good qualities in this movie IS the Niagara Falls setting. Traveling all along the tourist attraction is an interesting adventure and even plays off the thrills of the story. It's a beautiful setting in a terrible crime. The use of it's technicolor is pretty exploited too. But the one thing that is most exploited is Marilyn, wearing only the most fashionable gowns and set in the best camera angles and light. But as good as the directing made Marilyn look, it didn't do a lot for the thrills. The pacing is kind of slow, and the execution of what should have been the movie's highlights are passed by uneffectivly. It's a neat look at the NIagara area, but this movie Niagara does very little as a thriller. It's uncreative plot and bad execution of scenes doesn't capture your attention like a good thriller should.

Jessi t (es) wrote: I think I'll be Bette Davis when I grow up.

Toby C (it) wrote: This movie is incredible. Everything from the characters, story, and emotion it exploits create one of the greatest movies of the year.

Raymond E (br) wrote: Leonard Nimoy delivers one of the BEST Star Trek films ever! Intelligent. Fun. Thought provoking. This film carries themes of friendship and loyalty. And the need for collaboration as custodians of the world we share. It is a classic movie. Worthy of the Star Trek legacy. And worthy of your time spent to view it.