When the heiress of a luxury hotel chain is kidnapped at her dingy motel outside Detroit by a band of ruthless sex traffickers, her downtrodden assistant must figure out a way to rescue her.

A flight to Chicago is forced by a storm to a layover in Detroit| to hotel tycoon Hollingsworth's bitchy wife| heiress and deputy Susanne's fury| which rises to
dismissal on the spot when her P.A. Rebecca White fails to book her a fast flight or a decent hotel. Rude as ever| kind only to her equally spoiled dog| complaining
to the noisy neighbors this time gets her abducted| first as nasty witness| after identification as valuable prize| by Vlad's bunch of Russian white slavers| who
tricked some local girls there| supposedly for an East European contest with a shot at a modeling career. When Rebbecca misses her| the company sends a ranking
executive and enlists the FBI| but only the P.A. can make sense of a cryptic clue in her recorded ransom message. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Layover torrent reviews

Daisy M (ru) wrote: highly recommend. i think a lot of people will enjoy this, it's not like my usual insane 'not everyone's cup of tea' crap. but so good.

erika r (jp) wrote: not even chris pine singing (the whole reason i rented this movie in the first place) could redeem this movie's narrative from being all over the place.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: i don't know why I watched this movie for! it was completely stupid! The idea was alright I suppose, however the "beast" was so cheesy looking..and really fake! it wasn't horrible but why, why did they make this! I like the name of the movie

Adam F (it) wrote: "Outlander" is a movie with a nutty premise but a pretty good execution. The story is set in the past, about 900 A.D. in the land of the Vikings where a spacecraft makes a crash landing. Inside the spacecraft is Jim Caviezel as Kainan. In this story, mankind is in fact not native of Earth. We originate far in space and have over the years colonized dozens of worlds. Earth is an abandoned colony, which is why the technology has yet to advance to the level of our protagonist. Things would be bad enough for our hero if the only problem was that he was marooned on this backwater world but there's worse. A Moorwhen, an alien creature that uses lights to lure its prey before devouring them, caused the crash and now it's loose. The alien has skin so durable that conventional iron-age weapons are useless against it and without any futuristic weapons Kainan is ill equipped to deal with it. Our hero has to find a way to band the Vikings he meets together to stop the monster before it kills them all.So yes, this is a pretty crazy concept and if you can't get past it, there's no way you'll be able to enjoy the movie. If the idea of a period piece meets science-fiction story sounds good to you though, there's a lot of fun to be had with this. The characters are pleasantly well developed and much more than they appear at first. A good example is Boromir who is seen drinking himself into a stupor and cracking jokes at first, establishing himself as comic relief. Your natural thought is that this is going to be the goofy sidekick character that helps out our hero but he isn't. When the guy sobers up he's actually a valuable member of the team and quickly becomes a genuine friend to Kainen instead of just a puppy dog running after him trying to catch up. Another example is Prince Wulfric. At first he appears to be the angry antagonist; the angry authority figure, the one with a score to settle with a rival tribe and his eyes on the princess. Well there's a lot more to this character as well, as he slowly bonds with the outlander and becomes a genuine strategist and a character you genuinely care for by the end of the movie. Even the female lead isn't what you expect. She isn't just a damsel in distress, she's a woman that's been trained in combat and wants to be proactive, even if fighting an alien menace is totally out of her league. She's got genuinely good reasons for falling for the protagonist (for one he brings decent manners to the table and can wrap his head around the concept that men and women are equals) and is an active character throughout. As for the monster itself, it's more than just a bloodthirsty creature running around gobbling up some northern Europeans. As you learn more about it and see it in action you'll wonder if there's more to it than just an animal. Is it sentient? It seems to be going out of its way to attack humans and is able to outsmart its opponents on more than one instance. Could it have reasons other than just hunger to be seeking out? Those are some questions you'll be asking yourself after the movie is over and there's a particular sequence that adds a lot of depth to this creature, meaning you'll have some good discussions with your friends once the movie is over.At times the film's budget does show, mostly through the overuse of computer-generated effects. The practical effects, costumes and sets are first rate but at times the seams show when it comes to the monster. Nick Tatopolous who worked on the creature designs for "Underworld" and "Godzilla" put together a monster that's memorable, even if it is somewhat familiar to big fans of science The action is well done and satisfying and the climax is a lot of fun. For fans of monster movies there are some good gory moments, some unexpected twists and a creature that's very fun to follow. The protagonist is also competent and it feels like a good matchup. You never quite know who is going to make it and who isn't so there's some genuine tension. The movie juggles a couple of side plots very well too. At times someone will scream and you'll think the monster has come back, only to realize that the side plot about the rival tribe had totally escaped your mind and now it's back to rear its ugly head. Then as a battle between Vikings rages, here it comes back again, mixing up the two genre of films quite well.It isn't always original but this part action, part horror, part adventure and part sci-fi fim is definitely worth taking a look if you're curious. It borrows a lot from other science fiction films but at least it's emulating the classic. While the quote on the back of the Dvd might be exaggerating a bit ("Honestly. Best. Movie. Ever." Is a bit much) the enthusiasm that was put into making the movie raises it above the typical B-Movie. There's a definite audience for this film and it would be a shame if they missed out on "Outlander" so take a chance and check it out. (Dvd, June 29, 2013)

Francisco S (br) wrote: Horrible approach of this theme, with a weak soundtrack and without thrills, Seed of Chucky is an horrible movie for horror genre and its poor cast doesn't help anything in its sucess

mike d (gb) wrote: again this ones so difficult to of it are really very good....but it is a strange movie!....liked the synth soundtrack...and liked bits of it a lot...but its problematic.

(kr) wrote: Not as bad as critics and their followers seem to stress.

Andrew L (gb) wrote: Goofy yet totally effective, "Enemy Mine" takes its serious premise with some well thought out humor, tense action and occasional heart warming scene. Both the main actors are having a ball with their roles and the effects while dated, add to the movies bizarre charm.

Mike P (fr) wrote: The cult originally entitled DAY OF THE WOMAN, that shows sadist rapists around the world to keep it in their pants, unfortunately for some of these characters there isn't anything left to put in their pants. If you can endure the highly graphic sexually sadism, seeing this deviants get it in the end is all worth while

Dan M (it) wrote: Anyone who would rate this movie with a rotten tomato or a thumbs down either has an alternative agenda or is just showing off their false pompous pretentious front. This one is pure action and pure fun with a decent story and a very good acting job by Rhys Meyers and Smutniak. By no means is it the best action film of the genre or the year, but it's without a doubt a thumbs up unless you're a pretentious snob.The extras on DVD about spies and CIA are A+ segments !

Matt W (ru) wrote: Great little British horror. It's one of those films that will stick with you and for all the right reasons. Highly Recommended.