Le Bal

Le Bal

The 50 year story of a ballroom in France, from the 1920s. The people who go there is always the same, even the musicians. You can see all kind of people dancing all the fashion dances (depending on the age).

The 50 year story of a ballroom in France, from the 1920s. The people who go there is always the same, even the musicians. You can see all kind of people dancing all the fashion dances (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer K (gb) wrote: I wasn't even expecting anything from this, and i was still ridiculously disappointed. this lives up to its title and then some. Kate Beckinsale actually gave a pretty good performance but she has absolutely nothing to work with. the directing by DJ Caruso, who is talented, is decent, but not good enough to make any difference. the dialogue is laughably bad, and there are no scares here except some typical jump scares. there were a few scenes that I thought were done well, but nothing that will changed my views. everything else is just so subpar that it drowns out the good central performance, some okay directing, and a few decent scenes. this movie was shelved for years, and it probably would've been better if it just stayed there.

Linda K (ag) wrote: Lovely heartwarming movie

Barbara T (ru) wrote: Great independent film with a lot of funny moments...and a lot of heart. No huge stars here--and that's part of what I like about it. Steve Zahn is excellent as a has-been minor league baseball player-turned college coach, and relative newcomer Alex Frost is superb...reminds me of a young John Cusack! Go see this movie!!! :)

Dorianator F (nl) wrote: Beautiful film. Very suspenseful, romantic, though-provoking, realistic, entertaining, and just a treasure of filmmaking.

Thuggish Tuffy Tugger (au) wrote: Oh Cherry..you're so damn tough!!! I love it!

Grant S (es) wrote: A very funny, clever and original telling of a Sherlock Holmes story. Rolls along, with fun and great humour. Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley are in fine form as Holmes and Watson. Good support from Jeffrey Jones, Peter Cook, Pat Keen and others.

David B (br) wrote: One of those films in which the idea seemed to have come about spontaneously. Seemingly weak in concept (entirely based on the correspondence between a New York book-lover and a post WWII British antiquarian bookshop) the film is carried along seamlessly by great writing, directing and cast. Gentle, witty and touching. A must for literature lovers...

Karen W (ru) wrote: A good film about marriage and commitment.

Paul N (mx) wrote: Made in 76 and still reflects a lot of the ongoing issues society face today. Jack Nicholson is fantastic and the story is realistic, sad, funny and very disturbing.

madde (kr) wrote: Madde ZimmerENGL 110MA 1KopplinFebruary 23, 2016 Twilight was (and probably will always will be) my favorite book series. In 2008 it was brought to life in the Twilight saga directed by Catherine Hardwicke. It?s a story of an awkward teenage girl, Bella Swann (Kristen Stewart), who falls madly in love with a vampire, Edward Cullens (Robert Pattinson), and before she knows it her life has changed forever. Literally, forever.When I began reading the series, I fell so quickly in love with the characters in the book. Their charm and mystery made me want to never put the book down, so needless to say I couldn?t wait to see the movie that would finally bring my imagination to life, or at least that?s what I hoped. I sat at the edge of my seat at the midnight premiere, to be slightly let down. mostly by the acting and leaving out some minor, yet important parts that were included in the books. However, this is still on top as my favorite movie series that has been taken from a book, but it doesn?t fully live up to what I thought it would be. The movie, filmed in various parts of Oregon and Washington, is full of fast moving clips to catch the eye of the viewers. However, from other vampires I?ve seen on TV or in movies, these supposed vampires in the Twilight saga don?t look too much like the classic vampires you?d see on Halloween, rather just average looking humans who have beating gold, black, or red eyes and skin that glistens and sparkles in the sun. OK, so maybe those are characteristics of vampires, but for the overall dark, gloomy mood of the movie, it might be a little overdone. For instance, the moment Edward reveals his sparkly skin to Bella for the first time, they go deep into the rather dark forest near his home. His skin sparkles like a crystal, but why? It may be stereotypical, but aren?t vampires just supposed to be very pale? Anyways, this particular scene made me feel a bit uncomfortable sitting in the theatre with my mom. The way Bella reacts in this scene (and just about every other scene where she?s with Edward) makes me cringe and not want to watch because of her awkward actions and motions. Her acting in most of the movie seems very unnatural, as if she?s trying so hard to be more awkward than it already is/supposed to be. I get her character is supposed to be out of place and awkward, yes, but as an actress she should be able to do this in a way without making everyone who is watching it feel uncomfortable (even though I?ve watched it countless times, I get the same uncomfortable feeling I got the first time I saw it). Pattinson, on the other hand, more than succeeds in fulfilling the role of a mysterious vampire. His every action and voice makes me believe he actually is Edward Cullens, vampire, not Robert Pattinson, actor. The overall dialogue between the characters humors me. It was awkward at more serious points in the movie, to the point that it made me feel the need to laugh, but I kept that to myself. The fighting scenes, whether between the werewolves and vampires or vampire vs. vampire weren?t exactly what I had pictured in my mind as I did when I read the books. Mostly because of the horrible editing job and over-shaky camera jerks and weird angles. It just looked fake and unrealistic.The movie was easy to follow and entertaining, despite the awkward acting and horrible edits. If it weren?t for me falling in love with the love of Edward and Bella, I?d tell you to not waste your time with the movie, but it?s worth watching at least once if you?re into absurd yet sappy love stories between a mortal human being and an immortal vampire.