Le Cercle Rouge

Le Cercle Rouge

Master thief Corey is fresh out of prison. But instead of toeing the line of law-abiding freedom, he finds his steps leading back to the shadowy world of crime, crossing those of a notorious escapee and alcoholic ex-cop. As the unlikely trio plots a heist against impossible odds, their trail is pursued by a relentless inspector, and fate seals their destinies.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   telescope,   murder,  

After leaving prison, master thief Corey crosses paths with a notorious escapee and an alcoholic former policeman. The trio proceed to plot an elaborate heist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Le Cercle Rouge torrent reviews

Edward V (br) wrote: Amazing information. A must watch.

David R (fr) wrote: Un pur produit Chabrol qui, pour une fois, s'eloigne du cercle de la famille. Isabelle Huppert est, encore une fois, eblouissante.

Ben R (us) wrote: Funny movie. All haters can GTFO

Bubbie N (es) wrote: this movie is great!

Steve S (gb) wrote: *1/2 (out of four) A low budget sci/fi action movie with the always tough David Bradley. The plot centers around a man trying to save his brother from an evil dude who wants to turn him into an android. Unintentionally funny at times, but mostly lame.

Simon D (kr) wrote: It wouldn't be such a mediocre film if it wasn't so badly directed. I mean who makes a film set in medievil times but with an eighties synthesizer action soundtrack. I also thought that Broderick's character was incredibly annoying, you get that when, as he is escaping from a dungeon at the start, whilst trying avoid being seen or heard by the guards, he is loudly telling jokes to himself. The idea isn't so bad and it's a mildly pleasant film to watch in a daytime tv when you've got the flu sor t of way.

Jaime L (br) wrote: Forgettable. Stringing together murder of random guys does not a plot make.

Timothy L (mx) wrote: Is it a thought provoking art house film, or just a piece of counter culture fluff?One will agree that liberation seems to be the theme running throughout, is it freedom, sexuality, politics or war?One thing is for certain, a second viewing will be required before the mind is fully made up, but I will admit after viewing it my creative part of the brain was brimming with ideas.

Emily A (es) wrote: This is a failure. The source material is so fascinating and should have been great as a film, but this should have been no longer than half an hour for the plot it had. Jonze did show the material accurately (children's retreats into their imagination to purge their wildness in order to learn to be civilized), but who knew children's imaginations were so boring and dragged out. Not me. It was good, just was an hour + too long. Such a shame. Good effects though.

Mark N (br) wrote: A pretty simple idea that suffers from clichd and occasionally down right silly plotting but none the less a pretty enjoyable watch for action/drama fans. The calibre of the cast is surprising and highlights the lack of characterisation rather than giving them something to work with.

Facebook U (ru) wrote: So damn interesting! Fresh, for sure!

Ceary G (ru) wrote: I.was high af, drunk and this movie wasn't funny at all... twilight and sequels were more entertaining than this.piece of.... not definitely art. If you want a movie with sense or better actors just watch some.porn...

Aaireah W (br) wrote: I do not have the money