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Le concierge

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Long T (de) wrote: okay movie. enjoyed the 30 for 30 documentary more.

Daniel D (jp) wrote: The only other Almodovar movie I've seen is "All About my Mother". While I enjoyed that one I would pick this one over it any day. This film had wonderful story telling. It put humor into dark areas, it was chilling and disturbing at the same time. Almodovar let you figure out the twists on your own, without making it to out there and obvious. And yes there were a lot of twists. Penelope Cruz was great, and Almodovars use of colors made this a beautiful and a never boring experience.

bill s (fr) wrote: A comedy without a hint of a smile in it.

i C (fr) wrote: 4/1099c Rental couple weeks ago, besides the low price I mainly bought it because Jessica Lange is in it, she's outstanding in American Horror Story. Draco Malfoy is also on board. Below Average Thriller

Zo G (gb) wrote: Hilariously accurate depiction of Roman Catholic family. A cross between "Moonstruck" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with mental health and coming-out thrown in for more realism. Entertaining and great version of "I Will Survive" at the end.

MF J (fr) wrote: This film is directed by legendary Italian director Franco Zeffirelli but doesn't really finds it's own pace. Partly fiction, partly homage to the greatest singer of all time, the film is a mix of hit & misses but ends up feeling more like a cheap TV drama than an actual theatrical release. too bad the material was interesting and the film could have been better, probably the fault to a small budget.

Ralph R (jp) wrote: This movie is guaranteed to be horrible so here is some Billy Squire for your amusement: "Now everybody, have you heard If you're in the game, then the stroke's the word Don't take no rhythm, don't take no style Got a thirst for killin' - grab your vial... " First person to name that song will get an invisible bowl of rice. Nothing will stifle hunger like Uncle Ben's invisible rice, homestyle.

Andrew W (au) wrote: Very good and powerful and every Christian needs to watch this film. Robert Powell is terrific as Jesus. Only weakness is they didn't show the temptation in the desert or the beheading of John the Baptist but other than that I enjoy it. This film really touched my heart and taught me a lesson.

Tyler H (ca) wrote: Tuesdays with Morrie is a good movie. I thought the acting was okay, but I'm sure the book would've been better.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Hilarious! Great humour and musical score! A must see for all amimation fans.

Bobby K (ag) wrote: Rourke,Dillon,Coppola-cool like "The Outsiders"!

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Two forces of nature - Marilyn and Niagara Falls--Color, gleaming surfaces, dark interiors!!

Fred M (au) wrote: While it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, Taxi will most certainly make you question this idiom. From a loose, uninteresting 'plot' (if you can call it that), the characters are one-dimensional and poorly executed. The soundtrack is a sub-par combination of mid-2000s predictable Top 20 hogwash and other bubblegum pop tunes not worth a damn. The only hope with this film is that it enabled natural selection to take place in the office of some Hollywood executives in L.A., thus freeing us from a world with more banal films like this one.

eljko R (ag) wrote: He should stay in shrimp business.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: Great movie that holds the test of time. 4/5

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Absolutely terrible.