Le Corbeau: The Raven

Le Corbeau: The Raven

French village doctor becomes target of poison-pen letters sent to village leaders, accusing him of affairs and practicing abortion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Le Corbeau: The Raven torrent reviews

Kshitija D (it) wrote: I saw the reviews, and im one the girls who loves action flicks. The action is sequences in the film were extremely thrilling. i can'[t wait to catch the film this weekend!!! kudos to sachin and the babe candice!

David D (jp) wrote: Strangely enjoyable film. Very surreal throughout, but always leaving you with wanting to know what happens next.

Michal G (mx) wrote: C'est vraiment pas mon genre, ce type de film.

Mikey S (mx) wrote: Definitely on a par with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I don't know how Anupam Kher and Amrish Puri agreed to star in this movie.

John M (gb) wrote: A total insult to Bruce Lee's legacy. The fact that they took footage from his funeral is insulting. There is no Bruce Lee in this film, just stock footage. This is embarrassing, and every copy needs to be destroyed.

Steve W (us) wrote: Peckinpah was almost fired halfway during production, but actor Charlton Heston backed him and they kept him. Sam later then lost interest when directing and Heston took over for some of it. The studios also cut up his movie beyond repair.The result is a mash of good actors doing stuff onscreen during the civil war. The movie pays off with a nice calvary battle across a small area of water, with messy and bloody fighting and everything.Worth the watch if you have the patience for the end battle and are a fan of Charlton Heston or Sam Peckinpah.

Katie M (br) wrote: One word: GRRROOWWWLLLL!!!

Thomas B (us) wrote: Absolutely loved it. Very inspiring!

Vegas C (us) wrote: The movie doesn't market itself as the faith-based film it is but once it becomes apparent, it falls into many of the traps that so many Christian movies do. I've come to wish all of them would have at least one non-Christian on set to coach them on how non-Christian ppl actually act. They don't make a huge deal out of drinking beers and they don't use not-quite-cuss-words when they get mad or all wear backwards hats and sunglasses. And for that matter, Christians don't actually sit on the beach quoting the Bible or toting pictures of Jesus on their skateboards. Decent attempt but unfortunately like so many of it's peers of this genre the film ultimately resorts to stereotypes that keep us from ever really having an honest conversation about spirituality.

Micaela L (gb) wrote: Nicole Kidman shouldn't have gotten an Oscar for this

Mayah M (us) wrote: Uber fantastic! I watched it twice in two days. I regret nothing.

Riccardo R (kr) wrote: Esattamente quello che mi aspettavo di andare a vedere: catastrofe, alta tensione, lotta contro il tempo e claustrofobia.L'unica cosa che mancata, stata una caratterizzazione maggiore dei personaggi, infatti alla fine del film non che si abbia la sensazione scoperto molto dei loro background.Kurt Russell ha recitato discretamente, ma in questo ruolo sembra aver perso un po' lo smalto dei vecchi tempi, mentre ho visto bene Josh Lucas nel suo ruolo.Gli effetti speciali sono stati a mio giudizio molto buoni.

Harold N (es) wrote: If you are a fan of horror than you will like this movie, some good kills and a few laughs make this a fun movie. Not a scary movie but fun to laugh at or get grossed out at like when someone is thrown in a woodchipper. Enjoy!

Jos M (br) wrote: As a serie-B film, it works, It's so predictable.

Kace C (br) wrote: Exit Humanity [2011] Too slow, too staged, too predictable... Too ambitious for a too low budget film. 3/10

Michael P (es) wrote: Only slightly better than that abysmal abomination that is The ABCs of Death