Le cousin

Le cousin

Nounours is the nickname of a "cousin" an informer with a special arrangement with the police: he gets 10% of the drugs seized thanks to his help. When his personal contact, inspector ...

Nounours is the nickname of a "cousin" an informer with a special arrangement with the police: he gets 10% of the drugs seized thanks to his help. When his personal contact, inspector ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Era M (ca) wrote: Una historia sencilla que se ayuda en gran parte por la excelente actuacin de Adam Bakri. Final fuera de lo comn que le da un giro de tuerca inesperado.

Alex A (br) wrote: More than simply being a high-octane action film, Let the Bullets Fly also stands as a consistently clever political satire; benefiting from Wen Jiang's well paced direction, a witty script, and the undeniable charm of it's leads.

Jason D (fr) wrote: In Necrosis, sex friends arrive at a lone cabin way up in the wintery mountains where the infamous Donner Party went loco and started eating each other. Before you can say ghostly hallucinations, ghostly hallucinations start appearing and creeping out some of the friends, specifically James Kyson Lee (from Heroes) who starts going a little crazy and isolating himself from the rest of the group, which also includes one-hit-wonder 80's pop singer Tiffany (in a pointless role). Two friends leave to go help and never come back, so Lee goes nuts and attempts to start killing everyone and boom, the movie ends. What started out as a neat concept quickly became dull and boring, until it starts gaining momentum and then abruptly ends. There's little ghostly action, little special effects, and some disappointing acting (though I will say Kee tries his best given the poor material), which made this movie an overall stinker. What's worse, the film features the awesome Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, Devil's Rejects) as a local yokel, but his talents are wasted in this film as well. I've certainly seen some god awful crap this year (like Dead Tone, The Caretaker, and others) and while this may not be as bad as those, Necrosis is still the pits! Big disappointment.

BJ W (it) wrote: 2.5as someone who loved Donnie Darko (theatrical more so than the Director's Cut) I had high hopes for this...but never watched it due to the large consensus of poor reviews. Ultimately I'm glad i watched it, but it's a interesting jumble of a facinating mumbling mess. It's... how do I put this; it's like being at a gathering of friends who are all high as fuck and you're the only sober one. they are being super pretentious, talking a lot of nonsense about time/space and the universe and you're just all "wow...I wish I was as high as you all were because you all just sound stupid right now.". and it's sincere because, damnit, this movie has charm...it's unique...it's.. it's also gloriously ridiculous and it just kindof fails so spectacularly.

Bals G (ag) wrote: nemrossz egyszernz?snek

Alejandro L (de) wrote: Un homenaje directo a Vrtigo y La Ventana Indiscreta de Hitchcock pero con un toque muy al estilo de Brian de Palma. Uno de sus filmes menos conocidos, an as no deja de ser un material bien cuidado, puntual en la forma que narra la historia, utilizando un lenguaje ertico directo en algunas ocasiones , en otra ms sutil ( sobre todo en cuestin de las perversiones ) . Un sexy thirller con toques humorsticos e incluso surrealistas que podran no ser del gusto de todos pero an as es un logro ms dentro dela filmografa del director, que como es costumbre en l, la polmica podra estar justo cuando aparecen los crditos de cierre de la pelcula. Vale la pena descubrirla.

Robert H (it) wrote: in what is clearly a rip-off of Jaws (and what movie wasn't after it's release), Tentacles manages to show just what bad editing, sound and direction really are. That being said, the film isn't a terrible watch... it's mostly just boring. Clearly the budget was spent on all the neat diving gadgets and aparatus instead f the monster and yet I'm not sure that this was the right choice to make. With but a few gore FX and relying a good deal on "squid ink|", Tentacles manages to bore and puzzle on new levels.

Harry R (de) wrote: Sean Connery's last Bond is funny and perculiar

Juuso L (de) wrote: There is a typical samurai story here, clans fighting and plotting against each other, betrayal, honor, greed - you know the rest. But hell, just forget about the plot, you ain't gonna get it anyway and enjoy everything else: solid samurai entertainment, that is. Blood is spurting and limbs get cut off - that's all you need for a good samurai film.

dingo d (br) wrote: Lindsay Lohan's acting - and charm - manages to elevate the level of this movie from ridiculous to entertaining.