Le Crabe-Tambour

Le Crabe-Tambour

A dying French naval frigate captain tries to make a last rendezvous in the winter storm-tossed seas off the Grand Banks, with "le crab tambour," a French war hero he had betrayed twenty ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James W (kr) wrote: The structure of this is like a half-assed video game. Three different missions to be completed by Statham, with one more interesting than the others. The whole premise is incredibly rocky, Statham knows that Alba's character has been told to make him fall in love with her so they can make him carry out the three hits. So knowing this, he...falls in love with her and therefore has to do the three assassinations for her life. hmm, but this is mainly about the action anyway, some parts are better than the others and thankfully it doesn't get too silly which you may fear in the opening when he jumps onto a hang-glider. An unnecessary sequel that's very lacking, in plausible set-up and engaging action sequences.

Allan C (it) wrote: Fourth installment in the Killjoy series of movies by Full Moon Pictures has the evil slown Killjoy put on trial in Hell for not being evil enough. Like the rest of the films in this series, it's pretty low budget, but there is some solid creepy clown make-up effects and the character of Killjoy continues to be interesting (as opposed to the tiresome Ginderdead Man). Nothing brilliant here and I'm not sure I'd recommend this film to anyone who's not a fan of Full Moon Pictures style of low budget horror.

Mahesh P (au) wrote: Indian comedies are most likely the stupidest movies ever. But this gets some points for the incredible "Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar" song.

Edward C (br) wrote: One gets the feeling this was made for television, that message-movie-of-the-week has finally come to post-communist Romania. Or perhaps it's the bad subtitles. Do actual rowdy criminals yell "Shag her! Shag her!"? Or do they use a more choice expletive? It's all too tame, too touching, too ponderous, too didactic. And I know that hand-held cameras are cheaper and easier to use, but do they always have to use the DP with tardive dyskinesia?

Albert F (es) wrote: Shit is funny as hell , Kevin Hart is Stupid for a movie wit a low budget it did what it was supposed to do

David F (us) wrote: An excellent debut from director Milcho Manchevski,'Before the Rain' explores the seemingly inexplicable fear and violence rampant in the former Yugoslavia after that country's break-up into myriad ethnic republics, each seething with ancient grudges, recriminations and murderous reprisals - in this particular case between native Christian Macedonians and their ethnic Muslim Albanian neighbors. Manchevski uses a unique chronological framing device for his narrative, which allows the story to 'fold in' on itself in an almost circular fashion, but as one character in the film remarks, it's not a perfect circle - the effect of the imperfection is altogether mysterious and at the same time unsettling. Really not so much a war picture specific to that region - the underlying causes of the conflict are never really explained - but more a meditation on the cause of violence itself, and its brutal results. Yugoslav leading man Rade Serbedzija is stoic and mesmerizing as a Macedonian war photographer refusing to take sides after returning to his trigger-happy hometown after living for years in the relative safety of London. Film has a lilting poetic feel, and Manchevski has a great eye for stark tableaus.

Pavel R (br) wrote: Everything looks great and sexy in Wenders movies, except america ;) There is always something uncommonly interesting in each shot especialy in part1. interesting ideas, great camera, dream addiction and loosing of reality.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Terribly shot and full of silly effects and silly acting choices. Pretty well highlighted for how terrible it was in the movie "Ed Wood."

Vineeth P (es) wrote: brilliant movie...must watch..it shows how a thing of the past can come back to haunt your present..

Josh B (ca) wrote: kept hearing about this film on twitter and finally sat down and watched it. Great indie horror flick. Better make part 2.

Anthony K (ag) wrote: In my opinion, this is Burton's best. It's filled to the brim with his typical mood, flourishes, and flights of creative fancy, but is grounded in a biopic story which on its own is already totally compelling. I absolutely love it.