Le dernier chaperon rouge

Le dernier chaperon rouge


A version of the Little Red Riding Hood story set in a dystopic scenario. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (mx) wrote: Eisenberg, more often an interesting absence in the center of well-cast movies than a leading man, doesn't work his arguable magic here. The Hasidic Jew bits have some undeniable potential, but once the drug world downfall cliches kick-in, there's no saving the good stuff.

Crystal B (ag) wrote: David Lynchesque and more Inland Empire than Mullholland Drive.

Li O (ru) wrote: Requires a bit of patience to watch - a bit slow and the story is mediocre. Some amusing moments though. Best part of this movie IMO is the song "La Seine and I" (Composed by Matthieu Chedid, sung by Sean Lennon & Vanessa Paradis)

Paulina A (nl) wrote: Told through a flashback, a very particular that only french can perform, this great film tells us alot about human deffects and about its psique. Great performances, good story and script.

Millo T (fr) wrote: As you see in Flixter summary of the movie, everything starts with a scientific experiments... but soon, you'll see that human communication, and unexpected connections, are more powerful than anything. A little big story about friendship.

SR R (mx) wrote: Classic good tale!!!

Ryan S (ag) wrote: A really fun Godzilla movie

Robert I (br) wrote: This movie is magical. Captures the book REALLY well and I LOVE the book. Very nice tribute to one of the best novels ever written.

Richard P (ag) wrote: There is some good lines in this one. Worth a look. Paden: They just jumped you out of the blue?Emmett: I had to get up anyway.

Deadly V (ag) wrote: One of my favorite thrillers of all time.

Nathan E (kr) wrote: It was really difficult to keep my attention through this one. The zaniness was restrained a bit, compared to the other films I've seen. There were genuinely funny moments, but they seemed few in number. Sellers seemed to be phoning it in. Even Herbert Lom was restrained. And I didn't understand why Robert Loggia was there - such a waste of talent.

Robert L (fr) wrote: I just watched this. Piece of shit preachy movie. It made no sense.

James S (kr) wrote: Not as good as the original but still very good.

Adam S (br) wrote: Naruse's realistic portrait of a housewife on the verge of maybe thinking about leaving her inattentive workingman husband, with the lovely Setsuko Hara dressing down for the role.

The Movie C (kr) wrote: I wish this film was never made -_-