Le dernier diamant

Le dernier diamant

Simon has just been released from prison and is on parole. His friend, Albert, lures him back to his old ways for one more hit. To steal the priceless diamond Florentin. Simon's plan to ...

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Le dernier diamant torrent reviews

Carole M (it) wrote: Loved this movie, like an old friend capturing the flavor of the Seattle scene.

Mariah B (ca) wrote: Good acting other wise poor production it's a see

Mike B (nl) wrote: Tired, worn, racist trash. This crappy garbage constantly insults white people. In the space of a few minutes, a black woman is slammed repeatedly for dating a "white boy." If the roles were reversed, people would be outraged. I gave this film a chance and it sucked. Instead of watching this, watch a rerun of Gilligan's Island. Notice how hot Mary Ann was. Or watch the Twilight Zone. Or old Star Trek. Watch paint dry. Anything but this.

Manolo C (it) wrote: A clASSic... not for everyone's taste, but fun fun fun. It is the movie I would never play in class... sexx, drugs, and explosions

Ryan C (au) wrote: leslie nielson was the only reason i watched this

Aaron K (gb) wrote: Illogical, cheap-looking, choppily edited and nearly listless, Alone In The Dark is plagued by inept acting, laughable dialogue, lackluster special effects and story that trades logic for a series of plotholes.

Brian W (it) wrote: A decent Eastwood flick with a likeable story line and a good cast of actors and characters.

Brad S (gb) wrote: Not a true classic film, but it is engaging enough due to its charismatic stars, Hepburn and Holden and the Paris setting. Worth a watch on a cloudy weekend afternoon.

Sean D (mx) wrote: This was complete garbage. Your typical stupid horror film about a group of teens or 20 something white people that try to relax and go on a vacation and meet killer humans. Your typical white bald pale male slasher killer humans affected by the radiation that can't do anything but make sounds and kill for no apparent reason. I had no hopes for this film. But it was just really dumb. I'm just over this whole Hills Have Eyes crazy white men killers. Nobody could think of anything else to make an adventure film about a group of people with a lick of diversity exploring Chernobyl and a surrounding town? No, apparently not. So what we end up having is yet another lackluster dumb as crap horror film. This is literally the bottom of the barrel in the horror genre with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Felipe F (es) wrote: Moving, heartbreaking, Million Dollar Baby definitely raises the bar for boxing movies, transcending clichs with Eastwoods gripping direction and benefiting from flawless acting from Swank and Freeman.