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Ills G (br) wrote: Computer generated backgrounds combinated with fine cinematography, interesting choise of location (South Africa) for a High Plains Drifter remake and unnecessary historical context. But the performances makes it enjoyable and exciting.

Chris G (ag) wrote: This funny fucked up film is entertaining all the way. A must see.

Wiebke K (gb) wrote: One of these movies that finally bubbled to the top of my queue, and I am wondering what possessed me to put it there in the first place -- ah well, don't watch this one. Story is incoherent, animation is nothing to write home about.

Katrina H (ca) wrote: Another one of those movies that you figure out the plot within the first couple mins of the movie. At least it was to me. But it wasn't unenjoyable.

Felicia C (fr) wrote: be careful of who you go with.

Bill B (us) wrote: Gave this a re-watch off the To-Watch Pile awhile back: I think I recall enjoying it more on the initial viewing, but it's still a very watchable film with very pretty cinematography, especially when you get into the hideout of the killer that Annette Bening's character keeps seeing in her nightmares.Robert Downey Jr. is suitably unhinged here and it's amusing to see Paul Guilfoyle in a role that isn't anything to do with a CSI procedural.Give it a look.

Alexandre B (gb) wrote: J'ai abandonne au bout de 15 minutes...

Brandon W (au) wrote: Heavenly Creatures is the first film that's pre-Lord of the Rings for Peter Jackson that I watched, and I was curious to see what his style is for this movie, which after watching it, I had a pretty great time with it. First time actresses Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey are terrific in it and it's nice to see them be well known, given with their movie career that is. The writing is very well done as they know how to make a good relationship while still being creative with it. The effects look really good which are cool to see human clay forms. The story is great, and it does show why they did that and is very understandable to follow. The characters are memorable that you actually want the two main girls to make it work with their parents, until they go too far. Heavenly Creatures is a terrific movie that makes me hope that Peter Jackson goes back to films like this and his other past films after the Hobbit Trilogy.

Ryan H (jp) wrote: OMFG!!! Enough Said.

Doug C (it) wrote: I'd be told I don't know what I'm talking about in film school, but I think "Dancer in the Dark" was a more significant film about the death penalty. This is "brutal", by 1980s standards, and the longer version is better, but I don't think it is a great film.

Arun C (ag) wrote: A secret CIA cell which exclusively does only reading literature and analyzing magazines and publications from across the World is exterminated in cold blood. Joe Turner, a member survives the massacre by pure luck and chance. He sets on breaking the mystery behind the hit and his codename "Condor" rings bells of agony to CIA. Redford and Dunaway are mesmerizing.

Jessyca (mx) wrote: Franchement, j'ai vraiment aim.

Carl H (kr) wrote: If you were ever a scout, you'll enjoy this movie. IF you weren't a scout, watch the movie and you'll wish you have a do-over.

Stuart Y (us) wrote: Based on the BBC's Quatermass Experiment, which only 2 episodes are available, as the rest of episodes were destroyed. This is the only way you are going to see what happend next. Even though the movie is the abridged version of the series, it still packs a punch.

Perri P (fr) wrote: bussie=number one of all time

Justin A (it) wrote: I've seen a lot of exploitation movies, but this may (surprisingly) be the most misogynistic. I'd say it has some value in that sense, being so shocking that it should be seen to be believed, but it's so one note that it's kind of boring. It's kind of like a HG Lewis movie (mostly Color Me Blood Red), but less entertaining. It hardly feels like a movie, and more of just a series of scenes of women being brutalized and tortured for 90 minutes.

Tim P (nl) wrote: just ok, little funny

Harry W (de) wrote: The Sugarland Express serves as Steven Spielberg's Feature Film directional debut, so anyone in their right mind would not openly miss it.The Sugarland Express has a tough story to deliver, but with the hands of Steven Spielberg and a sufficiently strong screenplay it succeeds without fail.The Sugarland Express delivers its story well with some real strong drama and character insight as well as powerful intensity in the atmosphere which ensures that it deals justice to the hard drama of its true story without ever trivialising or commercialising it. And it knows what the true source of all the drama is and conveys that to the audience well, so it's all the viewers really get a ride on The Sugarland Express.And there is some really great cinematography in The Sugarland Express, because it moves alongside the cars and characters well, but also has a strong ability to change zoom and focus to enhance the atmosphere, particularly in the more dramatic scenes. This really assists the film in landing the neo-noir feel it aims for and enhancing its drama which makes it a grand visual experience.So The Sugarland Express succeeds as a piece of storytelling and as a visual experience, but it's the cast, in particular the charm of Goldie Hawn which makes it powerful and easy to feel something for.I've never before seen a film featuring Goldie Hawn, but she is excellent in The Sugarland Express. She maintains a sense of innocence that comes with her sweet young girl appearance, yet at the same time she has a look in her eyes that says its been shattered. And as she develops over the course of the story, a sense of insanity brews within her, and that combined with her attractive young girl appearance makes her quite an interesting character for viewers to follow on with. She even lands a good deal of sex appeal, so Goldie Hawn succeeds in every area in The Sugarland Express.Ben Johnson and Michael Sacks also do a great job since they exercise a talent for creating strong chemistry between other actors as well as delivering their lines convincingly.Really, The Sugarland Express shows Steven Spielberg's talents when he was young and on the rise with his focus more oriented in a much simpler drama film than the various blockbusters he is so well known for, and it features some of the beautiful Goldie Hawn's finest work.