Le Deuxieme Souffle

Le Deuxieme Souffle

Gustave Minda, better known as Gu, a dangerous gangster, escapes from jail. He goes to Paris to join Manouche and other friends, and get involved in a gangland killing. Before leaving the ...

Gustave Minda, better known as Gu, a dangerous gangster, escapes from jail. He goes to Paris to join Manouche and other friends, and get involved in a gangland killing. Before leaving the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessi J (us) wrote: Taking a quiet, personal look at what an apocalypse might really be, instead of focusing on destruction of cities and society, "Into the Forest" is for me more a tale of survival in solitude. The story feels real, dynamic, and truly emotional, and while the behavior of Eva and Nell may have been erratic, or strange, it was always understandable on a human level. The movie ends on a perfect note, and I wouldn't want a sequel, but all the same, I think I could watch the rest of their lives as they become stronger and grow even more.

Jason D (ru) wrote: Hellhounds is another film in the long line of Maneater films that range from terrible to so-so. This one falls in the so-so category as it follows the Sinbad/Clash of the Titans genre of films, though with a much, much smaller budget. Directed by former child actor Rick (don't call me Ricky) Schroder (even though they credited his name as Ricky behind his back, lol), Hellhounds tells the story of handsome, chiseled face warrior Kleitos (Scott Elrod) whose about to marry Princess Demetria (Amanda Brooks) until best friend Theron (J.A. Woods), whose always loved Demetria, poisons the princess and kills her before she can marry. But Uh-oh, Hades is looking for a pure, innocent bride, and Demetria happens to be that piece of tail, so Kleitos, Theron, and a nice supply of body count victims travel to the Underworld to save Demetria, which goes by relatively fast through the first half of the film, leaving the second half for the group to fend off now fully-villainous Theron and his Hellhounds (who seem to take forever to get going despite them being the title-characters). The film's most popular actor, Ben Cross (Chariots of Fire) shows up VERY briefly to play the king. Overall, this movie is so-so. It's got an interesting story, but unfortunately, it's backed up by the usual problems of bad actors, poor budget, and icky special effects. Also, this movie would have gained a little more respect from me had it been given a more appropriate name besides Hellhounds (especially since these title monsters are merely an afterthought throughout this entire film save for the last 20 minutes). Pretty dull.

Ray N (nl) wrote: I am addicted to these flix! I really miss the 3pm channel 5 movies!!!!

Tiffany R (nl) wrote: I really love these types of movies for some reason even of they always wind up the same plot and ending. This movie was just fun. I liked it.

Jackie S (it) wrote: beautiful and inevitably v.sad

wan L (ag) wrote: Fuckin' Crazy movie. But can't help to like watchin' it. My little sis's got me into the movie.

Bobby L (nl) wrote: While it wasn't as good as the first one, I still laughed pretty hard - so I don't know what these critics are all talking about. Sure, it had it's flaws - and everything seemed to work out in that "o so perfect" way that some comedies seem to, but last time I checked, this movie IS a comedy - so who cares if the story is cheesy and unbelievable? IT'S A COMEDY! In reality, if you laugh during a comedy film, then it has succeeded. I laughed, quite often - so 4 stars it is, and these critics need to come back down off their snobbish thrones and watch comedies like the rest of us.

Joanna S (it) wrote: Henry Higgins is an absolutely despicable human being, with virtually no redeeming qualities. Certainly he helps Eliza, in a very limited way, but he does it with no altruism or generosity whatsoever. And the idea that he "learns a lot about women, as well as about superficial appearance versus inner beauty" is entirely false. He seems to have no arc at all, and as far as I can tell he doesn't learn much of anything for the course of the film. SPOILER: Eliza's return to Higgins at the end of the film is one of the most tragic endings I've ever seen.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Although not as good as "The Conjuring," and somewhat unnecessary, it's worthy of entertaining.

Rus A (ag) wrote: some rad stop motion

Sanford R (jp) wrote: Probably the worst Joe Pesci movie of the ones I've seen, but somewhat entertaining. An average comedy at best though

Mary H (gb) wrote: The movie itself isn't wonderful, but the aesthetic of the movie as a whole is delightful!